No answer from support


Would needs to be done in order to get response to ticket : 518802 - it’s been two days without reply on delivery that’s been delayed for too long.

HI - you can try messaging them also on their social media channels - insta/twitter etc.

We do apologize for the delayed response and I will ensure a member of our team look into this for you as soon as possible.

Can I ask if you have received your order today?

Tchh - two days and still no reply :blush:

when one’s used to the good stuff…

For sure “used to the good stuff”… @Lighteater @Mollaka @Charlotte_Huel

Happened-again- third time in a raw. Delivery delays and bad communications.

Don’t know about you @Lighteater and @Mollaka - when I pay 30 GBP for delivery, I expect that things will go well and be properly communicated . Exactly the opposite of having problems order after order.

I have looked into this for you and I can see the exchanges you’ve had with our team. It seems that delivery is still within the time frame provided for shipping to Israel.

The fulfillment centre are raising a complaint with FedEx and asking for more information, once we have more information provided we will, of course, make sure to let you know as soon as we do. We terribly sorry for any distress caused and want to ensure we are doing everything we can on our end to ensure your order is delivered as soon as possible.

Well, apparently the invoice that is supposed to be attached to the order was missing and Fedex couldn’t process it.

Alex from the support team tried to assist and the order was cancelled and refunded.

I placed another order, lets see what happens with this one.

While most companies over the course of the pandemic have adapted and learned how to operate in the new normal – FedEx have become increasingly flaky to point of being barely functional. Had so many run ins with them over the past months.

They’ve used the commercial invoice missing excuse a few times with me too – this usually isn’t because the document is missing (FedEx drivers will not accept a pickup unless the documents are attached to the parcel) but because their system cannot cope with someone sending you something free. So if there is a complimentary item in your delivery such as a scoop or leaflet, it breaks both their brains and their system. The last time this happened to me they insisted that the scoop be declared as having a minimum declared customs value of 1 GBP on the invoice.

Delivery times have also gone to Hell – it’s not uncommon for my Huel deliveries to take upto 2 weeks AFTER FedEx pick it up. My latest order was in two parts – the first box is on the van to be delivered today even though it arrived at the local depot 4 days ago. The second part was picked up in the UK the day it was scheduled to be delivered here. It still hasn’t left FedEx’s depot in the UK so its rescheduled delivery slot of tomorrow isn’t looking promising :slight_smile:

The last ‘exchange’ I had with Fedex’s regional customer service due to a two week delivery time span involved me calling them out on a series of BS excuses that held no water. They finally ran with the reason being that there are less commercial airline flights these days hence the delays.

I told them that was an odd excuse to use as ( a ) FedEx do not use commercial flights and ( b ) have their own fleet of aircraft, the largest freight fleet in the world by far and the sixth largest airline in the world by fleet size. They never replied.