Day 35 and still no order received

I’ve placed two orders and I’m waiting for 35 days now and still have not received anything.

After a dozen of emails I’ve finally managed to mail with someone from support. The only message I got was:

We’re sorry, we are going to send you asap a replacement for the second time, you’ll be informed by email.

That’s great but… I’m not getting informed. It’s like total radio silence and there is nothing happening for weeks…

Why is this taking so long and what’s wrong??


It sounds like they’ve shipped it 3 times now so I’m guessing there is a problem with the courier or with customs :slightly_frowning_face:
Is there a live chat option or phone number option for your region? (There is here in the UK) sometimes that’s much easier than emailing.
If email is your only option, make sure you reply back to the response then it should get picked up be the same person or will at least have the query reference number in the header.
Over a month is a long time to be waiting :sob:
But it sounds like they have shipped it (many times!). It’s not great you’ve had no information on what the problem is but maybe they are still investigating it. Courier companies are notoriously frustrating to communicate with and often don’t give a reason for the loss or damage or non-delivery of the parcel, they will simply compensate the retailer after 28 days.

Has Team Huel shut for Christmas? I’d imagine so as I can hear the sounds of joy and laughter emanating from the Robin Hood in Tring from here on my rocky outcrop. Just tell Tim to stop the Karaoke already, it’s a classy 16th century pub and you are ruining the atmosphere.

Unfortunately not. I live in the Netherlands so that’s the EU store which has no live chat.

It probably doesn’t help it’s around Christmas which is a very busy time for them.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:
How annoying. I hope it arrives soon x

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I’m in London and also see live chat is closed. Was expecting a delivery on Thursday but haven’t received anything yet. Waiting on Team Huel to respond to my email.

I also had a problem with a delivery I contacted Huel via twitter. And it got a respond immediately.

I used the live chat for the first time the other day, I tried about 1ish and it was closed so I tried half an hour later and spoke to someone called jan who was very helpful

With the help of the customer service finally found the problem. My street name and house number were split in two lines on the website: address line 1 and address line 2.
But when my order was processed it only picked address line 2 and therefore my streetname was missing and my package would be send back by DHL.

A replacement is being send and I have high hopes it will arrive this time.