No longer For sale: New-Vanilla x 2 Sealed

I have 2 bags of unopened New Vanilla GLUTEN FREE powder.
Expiry 11/2019

For sale £35 for both
Or will swap for GF Original, Mint-Choc or Coffee.

Ideally someone near to Bristol or South Glos so I can deliver rather than pay postage costs (anyone know how much it costs to ship 2 bags of powder by Royal Mail?)

DM me if interested

No, but everyone’s favourite DPD can do it for this according to their app:

Made up address delivering from Norwich :wink:

So many people from South west in this forum.

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DPD are a nightmare in my area. MyHermes is £3.99, I just had a look. Royal Mail is more.
I’d rather not pay postage really - I can’t afford to lose too much money on it.
I might have to just use it up, and put up with the taste

Big up the South West :fist:


I’ve used up all my Unflavoured, Original and Mint-Choc Huel and am forcing myself to use up the 2 bags of Vanilla before ordering any more.

Out of desperation I’ve been experimenting, and although I find Vanilla undrinkable on its own, and it doesn’t work with the flavour boosts either (way too sweet), I’ve just tried adding instant coffee and raw cacao to it and WOW is that good!!!
I love instant coffee and cacao in the unflavoured and in Original but I’ve never tried it in vanilla before. I think this is actually one of my favourite flavours now :man_facepalming: does this mean I have to buy more vanilla??!!


I love vanilla with mocha fb so this will be pretty similar. Perhaps a bit less sweet.

It’s a lot less sweet!
I tried the mocha fs in vanilla and it was way too sweet and sickly I couldn’t drink it.
The instant coffee and cacao both tone down the sweetness tho - I’m really enjoying it !


I do actually love the mocha fs btw - but in UU/Original. I’m guessing it would be quite nice in vanilla if I did half half with unflavoured to make it less sweet.

I also like mocha in coffee premix, which is also much less sweet. I’ve finished all of my premix mint-choc and don’t think I will be getting any more. Might give the berry one more chance but only one bag.

I need to try the coffee premix it’s the only one I haven’t tried!
I like the mint although it’s better with cacao added.
The berry I will never try again… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I might get the mint-choc fb to try at some stage.

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I’m having the coffee premix everyday as breakfast, sometimes adding a little bit of cacao :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it with cacao in too. Really nice.

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Right you guys have made my mind up for me. I’m gonna add coffee to my next order.
After I’ve finished the vanilla!
How much caffeine is in it do you think?
In comparison to say one cup of fresh coffee?

I remember reading it was maybe 90mg for 4 scoops or something?

Edit: 90mg / 100g.

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I’ve just taken Coffee out of my subscription. I find its too subtle. A spoon of instant coffee in Vanilla is much better (IMO!)


I would rather put extra coffee (or cacao) in coffee premix if I fancy it. Coffee premix is , as you say, quite subtle. It is also not overly sweet, which suits me fine. Having said that, I do love vanilla and can drink it straight.