Non-vegan Huel Without the Digestive Issues


LOL. There had be one; and if I had to guess who it would be…my common sense would have told me it would be you.


You’re the one that made the statement that being vegan is anything more than a diet choice. So back the the point. Why should it adhere to your lifestyle, instead of just being about the ingredients. The other persons point was, perhaps if there is a better animal based ingredient, offer it as an alternative for those with digestive issues.


Replied to the wrong person?


Possibly, just seen how bad the reply nesting is!


Wondering whether your response was aimed at @hunzas?


[quote] Gtipug **[quote=“GTIPuG, post:25, topic:7904, full:true”]
Wondering whether your response was aimed at @hunzas?

It was aimed at the post where people are confusing dietary vegans with “The Vegan Society” view of the world. Veganism doesn’t have to be what the vegan society decides it wants to be, people were vegan before 1944…


Language changes, meanings change etc. Dietary vegans are now known as plant-based eaters as veganism now implies an ethical stance rather than just a dietary choice.


I think that’s trying to force people into labels is it not? There is not one agreed definition of vegan, similar to christian, muslim, human etc.

Vegans: Vegetarians who avoid all animal and animal-derived products. That doesn’t have to imply any sort of animal activism at all.

It’s great that you are your sort of vegan. However, I don’t think you can assume that everyone is your sort of vegan…