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Hi all. I’m a 37yr old woman.
I am using huel for energy purposes and to be able to count my calories better so I can achieve a calorie deficit (I lost weight before counting calories and went from a size 30 to 18 -not on huel) but I can’t seem to achieve it like I did the last time… I’m aware weight tends to drop off easier at a larger size but I don’t know if it was because it was nearly 9years ago and my metabolism has changed or the fact I’ve changed jobs where I’m not on my feet for 13hrs a day I’m now only on my feet for 8hrs and it’s less demanding pace. I put on abit of weight after I had an op and wasn’t allowed to do anything for a month then went into lockdown… But I can’t shift it, I’ve tried and was constantly hungry (unless I had items full of carbs) and constantly down and lacking energy… So if your still here after my life story then I ask any recommendations on what time to have my main hot and savoury meal. Am I better off having it at lunchtime during work then I’m on my feet a few hours to start working that meal off or aslong as i end up in a defecit by the end of the day does it not matter.
Thanks all.

for me it shouldn’t really matter what order you have your meals in - so long as you are in a calorie deficit everyday either by your calorie consumption or burning calories through exercise - you’ll lose weight.

most heavier people who start a diet see good initial results and this is usually due to the release of retained water. Personally I have found doing a 16/8 intermittent fasting routine works well and for your energy boosts - you could try the Huel Complete protein drinks as ‘snacks’ to keep you going.

yes it definitely seems harder to lose weight the older you get (and easier to put it back on again) but it can still be done so most importantly, don’t stress about it. find the menu that works best for you and even if you only lose a little every week then thats fine.


I’ve never really looked into an fasting routine but after your comment I had a read of how to go about it and I do like the idea of set times to eat but I’m around 2hrs out of that fasting window (not with food but with drinks)
While I am changing the way I eat I should be able to work in fasting, which to be honest would be better for me as I’d would prefer to have a set routine.

I plan on trying the huel drinks in the near future but wanted to see how my engery levels are on my first change over to huel then adjust what I need accordingly.

Thanks for your input, it’s much appreciated and thanks for your kid words of support on my journey.

hi you can still have drinks so long as you are taking in little or no calories so water, tea or coffee without milk and sugar etc is ok.


Perfect. Coffee would have been hard!

I don’t think the order matters as long as you can stick to it. Just about any diet will work as long as you can stick to it.

I prefer to have Huel during the day and solid food only in the evening after my son has gone to bed because I find that easiest to stick to. I like the clear, bright line this creates. If I see solid food I want during the day I can tell myself that I can have it but I must hold out a bit longer until the evening. I’ve lost about 10 pounds since the start of September by doing this.

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Hey Leanne, welcome to the forum. Seems like the other Hueligans here have given you some useful advice.

If you’re losing further weight from your initial size 30->18 weight loss, then you definitely won’t drop weight as fast, and you don’t want to. You will have a much better chance of keeping the weight off and making good lifestyle changes if you go slow. Do you have a rough idea in your mind on how much weight you want to lose? You absolutely don’t have to answer, but sometimes you will get more specific advice from others who have done the same.

:laughing: your username would suggest this!! :coffee:

Good luck to you, stick around and have a read, there will be a ton of great advice here, just use the search button!

Hi Tim.

I’ve been on many weight loss journeys through my life and the reason I mentioned the drop in clothes size as for me scales were always a downer…I’d seem to work hard and yet be negative on myself when I put on a pound. So someone suggested monitoring by clothes size…so that’s my system that works for me. At an estimate I’d like to drop around 2 stone… I’d be over the moon at 3stone but my goal is 2 as that’s seems more attainable at the moment then I’ll go from there.
Thanks for your response. Any information and encouragement is appreciated.

This is the most important thing and I absolutely support you not using the scales. There are many other measures, I mentioned in another thread yesterday that how you feel is probably the most important. Keep up the great work!

Hi, I was 95kg at the start of this year and I also tried calorie deficit for few weeks but soon found out it’s not very effective and counter productive. The problem with calorie deficit that you put all the weight back and it slows down your metabolism and growth hormone.

I switched to Intermittent Fasting on 25th Feb 21 and by Jun 21, I had lost my target weight of 20kg. Since the end of Jun, I have been maintaining my weight between 74-75 kg purely by doing daily intermittent fasting. I have fond IF very effective and would recommend it to you. Weight loss is only one of many benefits of IF. I do 16-18 hours fast on Mon to Fri, and on Sat/Sun, I still do around 14-15 hours fast.

You can read my detailed story at the below link :blush:

What an amazing story and inspiring one. Congratulations on your achievement.
Another person on my post has suggested a fasting method and I’m trying to get into the habbit of that.
It’s only my 4th day of huel today and still trying to work out what works, times of meals etc that keep me happy and energy levels up… I’m awaiting some huel protein being delivered as I know I needed abit of something extra. I do want to go full huel then maybe on my days off from work cook some balanced meals. I’m a chef so for me aswell huel even just for 4days has made life so much easier… I didn’t want to get home and start cooking food (I’ve just done that for 9hrs lol) so there’d be days without eating then energy levels would fall then body would shout out we need junk… Lol and obviously just store all that because the previous 3days my body had nothing.
The past 4 days I’ve ate more regularly than in the past couple of years to be honest.
I only aim for a calorie deficit as it has worked for me and I managed to keep it off for many years but I loved reading your story and I think I can take many things from people who’ve been great in offering a newbie advice.
So I appreciate you sharing and I hope that in a few months time I can start posting about some success of my own

You need to be brutally honest with urself and know what else are you eating ??

the fastest way to lose weight sustainably is with a small calorie deficit not the gym so stick with it but be honest to yourself

I notice ur drinking coffee-- a good appetite suppressant but with tolerance limit – never go food shopping hungry

Yes and no, while weight loss you might be correct, most people don’t want to lose weight but fat and there are a ton of benefits to strength training to fat loss. Calorie deficit/dietary changes and going to the gym are not mutually exclusive. Both are great. Going to the gym helps to maintain muscle mass, particularly when losing weight so you’re losing fat and not muscle. Also it’s been shown exercise is important for helping maintain the weight lost which is where so many people struggle.

This is so so valid. Also, make a list and meal plan. Not only will you buy more good stuff, you will reduce your food waste! :earth_africa:

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