Nstant Meal Pots Fiery Chick'n Noodles - Review

it was ditched because the supplier couldn’t guarantee avoiding cross contamination of allergens.

then that’s sad :frowning:

Have you ever tried powdered peanut butter… thats nice in Huel. There are also chocolate and cinnamon varieties. I’ve not tried chocolate but cinnamon is good.

No, that could work. No need to blend?

Nope. Just a vigorous shake. It obviously does add calories if that worried you but not as much as regular peanut butter. I do find it is better blended though… Especially if you drink after making rather than sticking in fridge overnight

I’m starting to shake more than blend to save time and washing up.
Will stick i in the fridge for a few hours if not overnight.
PB powder getting ordered

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Let us know how it goes.

I took one to work yesterday and put it in my locker. After having it 4 hours later my locker still smelt of it!

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