Nutraloaf for Naughty Prisoners

Is there somewhere we can look at the science behind the Huel formula?.. and that of the “complete” meal stuff in general?
It seems to me that until recently there have never been any COMPLETE meal replacement shakes as such and I’m wondering why?
There has always been plenty of Slimfast and Complan type things but none ever claimed complete nutrition.
Way back in the 70s I was looking at this kind of thing and the best thing I could find was Nutraloaf or confinement loaf that was made for US prisoners who were a tad naughty and that was simply a recipe.

Would something like Huel be an alternative to this?
…and what about humanitarian aid etc? Surely something like Huel would be perfect for this type of thing?

…and how about some updates on your 1 year Huel only Guinea Pig?

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None claimed to be complete nutrition, but lots of people lived on them for many many years without large issues - e.g. students (although they supplemented some vitamins & minerals).

No, because Huel is too expensive for this purpose. Prisoners are not worth it in the eyes of most governments.

No, because Huel is too expensive for this purpose. Something with lots of sugar as energy source is much cheaper and better suited in these cases, rather than long-term plan for good nutrition.

That study was cancelled because the data would be useless.

I was thinking more of proper independent scientific information rather than marketing blurb from the manufacturers themselves.
Who verifies this information, where is the data and the nitty gritty science stuff.
Who approves this type of thing and verifies the claims etc etc?
Does the formula have to pass any tests on its claims etc? Who does these tests?
What status is a Nutritionist in the hierarchy of the science community?

And “reviews” are next to useless!!.. all the ones I have found rattle on about how the reviewer himself feels about this and that and how he couldn’t live without his beloved bacon sandwich or Saturday kebab etc etc with a smattering general info.
Anecdotal evidence is NO evidence at all!

I think if you look at the ingredients in the Nutraloaf, and also look at the costs of providing fresh? food to war torn or famine areas I’m sure the wholesale cost of producing something like Huel with the savings on transport, storage and the like would easily add up?
Has anyone done the figures?

And why would the Huel only year data be useless?
Surely it would at least be something “Anecdotal” (mmmm) for the reviewers to write about. A good marketing exercise at least?

Note: I’m not trying to disprove anything here. I have never felt better using Huel for two thirds of my diet! Just very interested in the real data! …and possibilities.

Because it would only have been one person?

I think most of your questions would be answered more widely on the soylent subreddit.

Not so much because it’d be useless (the data definitely would be), but because whatever the results were they’d be viewed as heavily biased because it was an in-house study.