Nutrition Comparison: Powder vs RTD


Are you able to provide a summary nutritional comparison for Powder vs RTD?

I believe that powder is likely to be better although I would like to understand the significance.

I have been a powder user for a few years also using the bars.

I will replace use of bars with RTD as I believe they are healthier and tastier. RTD gives me a frictionless journey from order to consumption and I admit that the cleaning of the shaker has felt like a major inconvenience. This may seem daft but tiny things can impact a user journey!

Really look forward to your summary!

<>>> @Tim_Huel

If for one day I consume 2 meals of Huel I notice that stools are hard (in a healthy way). If I consume 2 meals of RTD I notice that stools are quite loose. This is what I am getting at with this post and trying to understand the differences.

Are you asking for something other than what can be seen by looking at the nutritional labels of each product side by side?


One can only assume you jest?

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@Coup No for example differences in the type of fibre and the effect this has in the nutritional balance.

@Wendy_Shepherd What do you mean by jest?

Joke, a jest is a joke.


Hey there, I’m not totally sure what you want here. The nutritional profiles are provided on the website, maybe just load them up in two windows on your screen? Perhaps I’ve missed something here? The ingredients lists are provided too so you can inspect them to see what the differences in fibre source are.

Powder has a better nutritional profile, absolutely, the complexities with creating a ready-to-drink version of Huel on an aseptic production line that’s stable over shelf life means we had to make compromises. The nutritional profile is still excellent though and we certainly believe best in class.

However to make your life easier, I’ve copy pasted the nutritional profiles of each product and put them side-by-side. It’s on this Sheet here.

Hope this helps!