Nutrition, public health and wellbeing

After encouragement from a bunch of you guys (thank you) I have signed up to this degree course with the Open University.

OK so it’s been a long time since Oxford, and it’s not quite the same as my history masters but I am thoroughly looking forward to this challenge.

There is a major emphasis on nutrition within the community, so basically talking about food products for kids, I assume. Going to really focus on that bit of it and will be shaking a metaphorical tin towards y’all, of that I have no doubt.

So thank you to everyone who encouraged me - as you are already aware it is a passion - and I hope I can live up to your expectations.


Well done to you @Talort. Let us no how you get on. :nerd_face:

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Thanks Val. Really looking forward to it. Probably makes me an oldie that I actually look forward to learning rather than dread lectures…! :joy:

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Hi Matt being a golden oldie I still like learning new things but lectures are not for me. A few years ago in my early 60s I was made redundant after working all my life and thought I was not capable of relearning another job. I however proved myself wrong. I now only have a year to go till retirement and with a new grandchild on the way next year I will have to relearn the joys of babyhood once again. :angel:


Oh wow that’s such an inspiration!

I’m a tad younger, a sprightly 45, but retired for medical reasons after my past in the Royal Marines Commando finally caught up with me lol.

It was always a matter of time.

Sounds like you are really ahead of things though, especially compared with many of us (like me…!) and I doubt I’ll get to your age but if I do them dang me iff I can’t be as decent and optimistic as you!

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I wish you success with your degree.
You may keep us informed about how you’re doing…maybe it helps to stay motivated.

Thanks man, I can’t really give a running commentary on it because I don’t think that sort of thing is provided.

But it’s a five year course so I imagine I’ll be happily spouting off nonsense here as I usually do!

But obviously prefaced with the fact that I am undergoing training about this stuff and giving personal opinion rather than my usual caveat that I am purely an amateur!

Good luck Matt! I’m sure you’re going to smash it and I hope you share some of your new found wisdom with the community.

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Thanks mate, I don’t think it’s about luck, rather just being able to stick it out and comprehend the information being made available.

Honestly I’m not sure how I got my first degree, let alone my D.Phil but somehow managed it in the end.

This one isn’t going to be about any desire other than a genuine passion for the topic, I work locally with a fair few food banks to try to help people who really are on their arse. Learning better about public health and nutrition connected to that is basically just giving me a degree for something I love, lol.

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P.s. totally gonna be hitting Huel and the team up for donations when I get to the point of proper understanding about community nutrition. You probably have a year or two advance notice but thought best to warn y’all ahead of time…!

Don’t take it too literally. People tend to say ‘good luck’ with something when they are wishing you well.
Good luck with the course @Talort

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Sorry @Bee - Autism, I struggle sometimes so grateful for you explaining that one. :kissing_heart:


Even if you are not sure how you made it in your first degree - in five years you’ll say the same about this one. First success, second success. It’s always the same - first you have to get used to it, then you have to stay motivated, then you’re successfull. Don’t overthink, and stay curious - or to use the words of a famous person: Stay foolish, stay hungry. You’ll make it. I find it great that you made the decision to start that journey. Not everyone does that.


Really appreciate your words.

A very simple concept that I used to follow was Created by Mark Zuckerberg. I took it on as my own “move fast and break things”.

But now times have changed in the world, so I am hoping that this journey will help me find my own path in life.