Leaving Huel and New Nutrition Contact

Hi everyone, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this post - I am leaving Huel.

I’ve been at Huel for nearly 5 years and learnt so much, Out of all my daily responsibilities I’ve probably learnt the most from you guys on the forum. Thank you for making the forum the place that it is and my job easier/harder (cross one out depending on the day).

If you have any burning questions you’ve got me until Wednesday 26th April.

From Thursday @Jess_Huel will take on all things Nutrition. She’s wonderful and you might of spoken to her when she was working in Customer Experience. She’s also a Registered Nutritionist and has moved over to the nutrition team to take over my role. I’m sure the transition will be seamless.

And one last time thank you :heart:


Good luck Dan, for your future endeavours and thanks for all your help and advice on the forum over the years :pray:

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All the best Dan! Thanks for all your advice, guidance, & know-how. :+1:

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Aw Dan I’ll be so sorry to see you go. Wishing you good luck in your new endeavour and all the best. :melting_face::upside_down_face: youll be sorely missed. X

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Thank you too for your valuable advice to many old and new Huel users. Hope your future is brighter than a thousand suns.


Best of luck Dan!

I always thought you were so insightful, knowledgeable and engaged with the community.

Again, I sincerely wish you the best and have enjoyed chatting with you on the forums :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all you’ve done here, Dan, and I wish you luck for the future.

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That’s one helluva lot of assumptions there.

That’s one helluva lot of edits there. Should stand by your convictions.

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Thank you everyone :slight_smile: and don’t worry Huel will still be in one piece without me. I’m taking a career break to travel around Latin America so I’ll take any tips from you guys.


Go to Brasil! I spent six of my nine months travelling South America living and working there. The people are wonderfully welcoming and the food is fantastic. Jericoacoara is a gorgeous little town on the North East coast where the streets are made of sand and you can ride horses or dune buggies along the hundreds of miles of beaches.

Just my 0.002 pence-worth of course!



I’ve never been to Brazil but would like to one day, sounds great.

That sounds great Dan. I hope you have a great time. :eyeglasses::shorts:

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Thank you Alex for the tips!

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You use the phrase a ‘registered nutritionist’. is that on a par with ‘dietitician’ i.e. 2-3 years study etc etc?

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Many UK universities have nutrition degree courses, often consisting of a minimum of 3 years full-time studying; and masters degrees will be at least 1 year full time (or equivalent). Some of these courses are accredited by the Association for Nutrition, which helps demonstrate the high quality of the courses with teaching provided by qualified individuals.

Those completing accredited courses can automatically become Associate Nutritionists on the voluntary register held by the AfN whereas those taking non-accredited courses will have to apply for associate registration, in the process demonstrating the knowledge, skills and competence that are known to be provided by the accredited courses.

Associate Nutritionists can move to become Registered Nutritionists after they demonstrate 3 or more years of experience across a range of competencies. Nutritionists who meet the knowledge, skills and competencies with more than 3 years’ experience can apply for direct entry as a Registered Nutritionist by portfolio application.