I have decided to use huel as my main source of nutrition for 30-days

I am excited to see how this experiment works. With my lifestyle, I knew that I had to do something different. Rushing through life and drive-thru’s just isn’t working for me. As I get older, I know that I have to start thinking about my health. A huge part of that is diet. I don’t have time to work on it in the traditional sense, so I’m excited to see a product like Huel on the market. With its complete meal supplement capability, I think that this may be the solution I need to keep me healthy and happy. A healthy dad is a happy dad, after all!

I am taking notes on my health. As I start this journey I acknowledge that I have high cholesterol. I had my doctor do a blood workup. Currently I weigh 92.8 kg and my body fat is 23.6%. My goal is to check in and get those numbers after one month so I can monitor my progress with Huel. Losing weight is part of my goal, but I’m primarily looking to lower my cholesterol without medication and make life more convenient for myself. I plan on having my tests repeated when I’m done with this experiment.

So why did I decide on doing this now? Honestly, I am just a busy person who is trying his best to raise his kid and maintain a career. I want to be healthy, but I don’t always have time to prioritize my diet. That’s why I think that Huel might be a good option for me right now. We’ll see how well it works.

I’ll check back in and let you know the results!

The full story will be posted on my blog: http://taimour.net.


Hope all goes well. I’m assuming from the keyword on your blog (52) that this is just a weekday thing?

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Have you already started Huel or are you planning to jump straight into 100%?

You can read about 5:2 diet here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/5:2_diet

I meant I will consume a normal amount of calories for five days out of the week: around 2000 calories daily. Then the remaining two days, I’ll eat less than my normal amount of calories: 600 calories.

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I started 1st of November. I jumped straight into 100%, I only add coffee to the mix in the morning. It would be great if they create a version that includes Caffeine.


Thank you for the blog and welcome to the Huel forum. Look forward to your progress. How have you been after going 100% for a week straight off the bat? We usually recommend easing yourself in over a few weeks.

Keep us updated!

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Thank you Tim. I intend to post about my experience every 10 days. Going 100% is not hard compared to what I’ve tried in the past. I tried water fasting! I feel full all the time and not bothered so far by the lack of real food.


Huel is real food :wink:


any chance of another blood work up at the end of your test?

Yes, I am planning to do that.

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:smile: Food has two categories: Huel and ______. Scientists didn’t name the second category yet :wink:

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As I’ve said before, Huel is less processed than bread or cheese.

I’ve also said before that this should be the Huel slogan: “Huel: less processed than a cheese sandwich”.


the sort of people who worry about how processed a food is are unlikely to want to eat Huel. They are not thinking about it analytically, its a symbolic cultural thing. They might eat Ambronite or Bertrand, that’s got the ‘unprocessed’ vibe going, and they are organic.

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Yes, the issue with meal drinks like Huel seems to be that it totally changes how food is consumed. Instead of chewing on a variety of solid foods, we drink a single drink that contains everything. This is what many people aren’t comfortable with. This is also why the bars will probably be successful, because people are used to unwrapping tasty things, shoving them in their mouths and chewing on them. Once we have complete nutrition bars in many different delicious flavours, many more people will be on board than currently are.

Of course, there will still be people saying you should eat “real” food rather than things in wrappers, but they will continue to be ignored by the majority of people who are perfectly happy unwrapping tasty bars and putting them in their mouths. So we will gain people who want to replace chocolate bars with something healthier. People who want to continue to create all their own meals from scratch from raw ingredients will probably continue to do so, and so they should if that’s what they enjoy doing.

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Well I was more trying to say that Huel is not marketing to those groups. Other brands are. If I wanted my “whole food” friends to eat a food sub I would show them one that looked like this;

Packaging that is trying to associate itself with an “unprocessed” and “eco” look. If they had a slogan like the one you suggested, not only would it be accurate, it would fit with the rest of their branding.

Huel tries to emphasise different things in its branding. Mostly minimalism. Hence the slogan “Everything your body needs; nothing more”, which fits with their minimalist brand identity.

It’s all mind games really. Having eaten both I am pretty confident that the two products are close to identical.

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First 10 days using Huel as My Main source of Nutrition:


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30 days using Huel As My Mail Source of Nutrition


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I quite like Bertrand. Quite a nutty flavour but very enjoyable, much thinner than Huel though and whilst it fills me up it doesn’t feel quite as substantial.

I’d hate to share an office with someone who jumps straight to 100% huel…