Nutritional profile/labeling changes?

The nutrition info displayed in the website doesn’t match the one attached to my bags! Has the nutritional profile been changed for newer batches or were the previous ones wrongly labelled?

Hi John,

We have changed the label several times this is because of mistakes, tweaks to the formula, and also we moved from v1.0 to v1.1.

The version on the website is the most up today for the latest formula, but your label should correct for your version of Huel.



Thanks for the information.

About the version bump, is this being documented somewhere, i.e. what changes were made and why?

For instance, the iron content was decreased from a heart-failure-inducing 400% NRV to just over 100%. I assumed the former value was meant to compensate phytic acid chelation as discussed in the explanation of the Huel formula, but apparently it was not necessary. It would be interesting to understand why this and other options were (and are) being made over time.