Package Label Confusion?

I’ve just noticed that the bag I currently have on the go (batch 2484) says v2.0 on it and also has the old nutrition information on it (e.g. salt 6.4g). I assume this is just a labeling error because the Huel tastes the same as 2.1.

But then I checked 2 other bags and the plot thickens…

Bag 2 (batch 2522) also says v2.0, but has the nutritional information for 2.1 (e.g. Salt 3.3g).
Bag 3 (batch 2737) says v2.1 and has the nutritional information for 2.1.

This is from a box of extra Huel that I ordered on top of my regular monthly subscription (because I’m such a big greedyface that can’t stop drinking Huel), so it must have been a bunch of random bags that were hanging around. No problem with that because I’ve happily drunk it all the same. It’s just a strange observation, that’s all.

Unfortunately, I only noticed this when I was on the last 3 bags of this box, so I have no idea what the labels on the other 5 bags said.

No labelling confusion, don’t worry! v2.0 had three iterations. Firstly - let’s call it v2.01 -, we had the higher salt content. 2.02 had the reintroduction of cyanocobalamin after concerns we had for the bio-availability of solely methylcobalamin. 2.03 (stay with me) then had the added salt removal!

I think you may have just had a load of huel pouches jumbled up from random orders! Glad you are enjoying them nonetheless!

For record, after stalking your last order date, we did not have any stock of any v2.0 varieties!

Edit: Just realised “added salt removal” is so oxymoronic I should be banned from English.

Thanks Tim from the Office :grinning: