Odd taste?

I agree with Steve’s aggressively supportive message, if not the exact wording :joy: I had a batch that tasted odd to me last year and I swear I just couldn’t get that taste out of my head every time I drank Huel after. Not saying it’s all in your head but what I am saying is that there is some natural deviation in the flavour due to natural ingredients and some customers with more discerning palettes are more sensitive to it than the rest of us I guess.

For the sake of science, I will taste-test any vomit inducing bags :joy: perhaps I’ll eat my words too


If any other product I eat on a daily basis tasted like burnt plastic, I’d be pretty mad. Huel’s part of my daily routine and I like it a lot but I’m afraid I find the evangelism rather off-putting. I’m hoping CS will put it right.


This quote from Steve articulates my thoughts on the subject quite eloquently

Much as I miss Huel, I am not going to subscribe again until a more comprehensive explanation is provided.


tldr; Huel is still sending out inferoir plastic-tasting product so do not order!!

Hi, I have been using huel now for 2 years and I have received the same bitter, plastic-like tasting huel two weeks ago, while I’m waiting to get this replaced I reordered another batch which arrived yesterday thinking the new one would surely be free of problems. Turns out not. Batches 6626 and 6629 taste awful! The new batch worse than the former! This is completely unacceptable that this has been going on for a month and huel has yet to properly resolve this and continues to provide inferior product. So incredibly disappointing…

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Did that include mixing and trying Huel from some of the returned bags though? It seems a little odd to change anything if you can’t find or replicate the problem?


Hi @stevenamm32 so glad you enjoy Huel and are clearly a big fan and sorry that you’ve had a bad experience. I’m also sorry that you felt the need for the agressive way in your post.

Not all pouches get returned. My colleagues have indeed tested some of the actual returned pouches. However, like I said many times, we tested these and from the same batch and we didn’t find an issue. I’m sorry we couldn’t but I can guarentee that it’s more frustrating for us than you that we couldn’t. With other quality issues, we’ve found the reason and this makes solving easier. We couldn’t here. There’s nothing we - nor anyone - can do about this fact! But we looked at every angle anyway and we looked at what could have been the reasons because there clearly was a problem!

I know this isn’t what you want to here, but the alternative is I lie which I’m not prepared to do.

Our quality manager has, like I said on Wednesday, looked at all issue of production off the back of this, and changed some processes.

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Sorry to hear this - if you haven’t heard back by Monday, please let us know.

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Hi @Konrad - I’m really sorry to hear this. If I haven’t yet provided a comprehensive enough explanation, please let me know what exact point you need addressing and I’ll investigate.

Hi @Warren - so sorry to hear this. I will get the CS team to respond.

Yes, it does.

Is it odd to review procedures with a fine-toothcombe if there clearly is an issue?


James I am glad you responded (again) and I don’t see why you guys could experience what responders have. At least some of which seem to be Huellers.

Admit I’m in a quandary and despite the harsh language from someone replying to me - which I choose to not take personally else I’d be really p’eed off - I’ll contact customer services tomorrow to try to reinstate my subscription. It does though seem bizarre that you can’t detect the problem others are so clearly seeing

I recieved my order today, the New and Improved vanilla is as normal! (Also, berry as well as coffee are good too.)

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I’ve requested a refund for the time being and will come back to Huel once I’m confident that the issue has been resolved. Whilst I appreciate that investigation didn’t find anything untoward thus far, I know what I tasted wasn’t right and I trust my tastebuds.


I’m not sure if it helps or not but, like @Lulu, this was also the first time I observed the particles flying off the scoop. I used the same scoop as I have with previous bags and nothing substantial about the preparation area has changed.

No need to fucking swear

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Yeah guys, there was no aggression in my post. I forget how us Glaswegians sound to other folk, especially non-scottish folk.
Swearing is just what we do. Speak to a Glaswegian and you’ll see. We use it like punctuation.


Completely understand your position. And we trust the tastebuds of our Huelers too and that’s why we’re taking this issue so seriously.


Oh, I swear a lot too, in real life - but not in a professional capacity … (much!)


Tested my roommate’s Berry flavored Huel (batch 6800). Sadly it still had that odd taste, even though it wasn’t that strong as it used to be…

But i really like that berry taste, that’s for sure!

Hope my next order (arriving Monday or Tuesday) is fine…I just couldn’t help but order again with the hope not to run into the taste again. I really see now how much Huel helped my everyday life!

@JamesCollier Thanks for your efforts so far! Even though the problem is not clear, it’s nice to see that you’re strongly working on it! Not just the product, but also the team and support behind it outmatches the competition by far!

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That’s extremely weird. I have batch 6800 of Berry too and it tastes fine to me :thinking:

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