Odd taste?


My “new” vanilla order from the other day is absolutely fine. No issues at all.


@TimOfficialHuel, @JamesCollier, any news concerning this topic? I’m struggling without Huel… :sob:


Hi guys

Our manufacturer has been investigating and working with our quality manager, who visited the site again yesterday. One change is we’ve tweaked the blending process.

There shouldn’t be issues, so if you’ve stopped ordering, please come back!


Thanks, James. For clarification is it only certain locations/ blends that are allegedly afflicted? I’m want to reinstate my subscription but am a bit scared to until I’ve run out (so I don’t miss returns window)

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Hi Graham

That’s really hard to answer as our tests didn’t find a problem, even though there was an above normal level of complaints.

I can confirm, that we’re now taken even more precations though due to the issues raised.


That’s actually what’s worrying me. The last replacement shipping I got had a “thumbs up” from the quality team but in the end it still had that problematic taste…

My bags should’ve already arrived in UK, so I hope that’ll help since just tasting a sip would show that’s something wrong with those…


Thanks, James. I’ll use my remaining bag then un-skip subscription (if that’s possible).

I’m amazed nothing untoward has been organoleptically sensed in spite of the complaint level. Weird.

Anyway, glad to know that you guys are on top of the situation.

Kind regards

And thanks for making sure I stay healthy



This is why we did the quality review despite the fact that our quality assessment could not find a problem even though there clearly was one.

The changes we made were things that could have caused the issues described by the complaints. So, we’re confident that the issue is resolved.


Hi Graham

Thanks - as the nutrition guy, I’m not sure the particulars of the subscription system - @TimOfficialHuel or @OliviaOfficialHuel can you advise?

Hope you can get back to enjoying Huel and staying in tip-top health!


Thanks… I’ve not stopped enjoying the benefits as I’ve still got a bag in hand! Just didn’t want to risk a new delivery that I wouldn’t have started until after he return window (given what others were saying) I don’t have spare cash so it’s not something I could risk. Unfortunately.

Just starting new bag (really Huel does push my life closer to being worth living) so a new delivery is to be welcomed soon. :slight_smile:


I just started up my subscription again, because Huel has had a huge impact on my feeling of well-being and health. Maybe that’s placebo, but the power of Placebo is not to be underestimated, even if that was the case. My mood and well-being has improved drastically with Huel and, despite the issues with the plastic taste, I didn’t want to wait any longer.
I ordered a Berry flavour and an Original Vanilla.
The Berry flavour has been absolutely fine. No issues of plastic taste.
It’ll be a while until I get around to opening the Original Vanilla bag though.

I just wanted to say that, while I was one of the folk particularly upset by the plastic tasting bags, and possibly one of the first to scrap my subscription, I wanted Huel (and other users following this thread to know that), sometimes things happen.
The benefit I get from Huel far outweighs the occasional issues of “weird tastes” (that has only happened this once, albeit in 4 bags) and I’m sure many, if not all of you, feel the same.
Also… I still have the four suspect bags here, and Huel have already refunded me the full fee already. (I was waiting until I had a delivery, and thusly the cardboard box, to return my questionable bags).
That’s Customer Service to me.
I had an issue and they refunded it straight away, with no problems, without even waiting to receive the dodgy bags back… And I’ll return those bags back to them shortly.

I’m a little dismayed at James’ claims that “no issues was found”. This sounds crazy to me. Surely you just taste the suspect bags we’ve returned to you. There’s no way that you won’t taste how awful they are. I’m not talking some “variation in taste, from the natural ingredients”. I’m talking serious “vomit inducing plastic taste”.
Whatever though.
The issue has been resolved, at least as far as my Berry flavoured delivery is concerned and I’m massively grateful for that.
Huel has made a huge impact on my well-being, as I’ve said, and hopefully the Original Vanilla flavour will be the same.

Anyway… I just wanted to say, if you’ve ditched Huel because of this… You’re a fool. Mistakes happen. Glitches occur. They’re a very good company, with great customer service. If you’ve gotten what I get from Huel, then you owe them a bit of loyalty through the “rough times”.


Batches 6654 and 6512 also affected (GF coffee and GF vanilla). Tried the 6512 today and spat it out because it tasted like burnt plastic. Waiting to hear back from CS.


I agree with Steve’s aggressively supportive message, if not the exact wording :joy: I had a batch that tasted odd to me last year and I swear I just couldn’t get that taste out of my head every time I drank Huel after. Not saying it’s all in your head but what I am saying is that there is some natural deviation in the flavour due to natural ingredients and some customers with more discerning palettes are more sensitive to it than the rest of us I guess.

For the sake of science, I will taste-test any vomit inducing bags :joy: perhaps I’ll eat my words too


If any other product I eat on a daily basis tasted like burnt plastic, I’d be pretty mad. Huel’s part of my daily routine and I like it a lot but I’m afraid I find the evangelism rather off-putting. I’m hoping CS will put it right.


This quote from Steve articulates my thoughts on the subject quite eloquently

Much as I miss Huel, I am not going to subscribe again until a more comprehensive explanation is provided.


tldr; Huel is still sending out inferoir plastic-tasting product so do not order!!

Hi, I have been using huel now for 2 years and I have received the same bitter, plastic-like tasting huel two weeks ago, while I’m waiting to get this replaced I reordered another batch which arrived yesterday thinking the new one would surely be free of problems. Turns out not. Batches 6626 and 6629 taste awful! The new batch worse than the former! This is completely unacceptable that this has been going on for a month and huel has yet to properly resolve this and continues to provide inferior product. So incredibly disappointing…


Did that include mixing and trying Huel from some of the returned bags though? It seems a little odd to change anything if you can’t find or replicate the problem?


Hi @stevenamm32 so glad you enjoy Huel and are clearly a big fan and sorry that you’ve had a bad experience. I’m also sorry that you felt the need for the agressive way in your post.

Not all pouches get returned. My colleagues have indeed tested some of the actual returned pouches. However, like I said many times, we tested these and from the same batch and we didn’t find an issue. I’m sorry we couldn’t but I can guarentee that it’s more frustrating for us than you that we couldn’t. With other quality issues, we’ve found the reason and this makes solving easier. We couldn’t here. There’s nothing we - nor anyone - can do about this fact! But we looked at every angle anyway and we looked at what could have been the reasons because there clearly was a problem!

I know this isn’t what you want to here, but the alternative is I lie which I’m not prepared to do.

Our quality manager has, like I said on Wednesday, looked at all issue of production off the back of this, and changed some processes.

Plastic taste of classic vanilla / unflavoured Huel

Sorry to hear this - if you haven’t heard back by Monday, please let us know.


Hi @Konrad - I’m really sorry to hear this. If I haven’t yet provided a comprehensive enough explanation, please let me know what exact point you need addressing and I’ll investigate.