Odd taste?


Hi @Warren - so sorry to hear this. I will get the CS team to respond.


Yes, it does.

Is it odd to review procedures with a fine-toothcombe if there clearly is an issue?


James I am glad you responded (again) and I don’t see why you guys could experience what responders have. At least some of which seem to be Huellers.

Admit I’m in a quandary and despite the harsh language from someone replying to me - which I choose to not take personally else I’d be really p’eed off - I’ll contact customer services tomorrow to try to reinstate my subscription. It does though seem bizarre that you can’t detect the problem others are so clearly seeing


I recieved my order today, the New and Improved vanilla is as normal! (Also, berry as well as coffee are good too.)


I’ve requested a refund for the time being and will come back to Huel once I’m confident that the issue has been resolved. Whilst I appreciate that investigation didn’t find anything untoward thus far, I know what I tasted wasn’t right and I trust my tastebuds.


I’m not sure if it helps or not but, like @Lulu, this was also the first time I observed the particles flying off the scoop. I used the same scoop as I have with previous bags and nothing substantial about the preparation area has changed.


No need to fucking swear


Yeah guys, there was no aggression in my post. I forget how us Glaswegians sound to other folk, especially non-scottish folk.
Swearing is just what we do. Speak to a Glaswegian and you’ll see. We use it like punctuation.


Completely understand your position. And we trust the tastebuds of our Huelers too and that’s why we’re taking this issue so seriously.


Oh, I swear a lot too, in real life - but not in a professional capacity … (much!)


Tested my roommate’s Berry flavored Huel (batch 6800). Sadly it still had that odd taste, even though it wasn’t that strong as it used to be…

But i really like that berry taste, that’s for sure!

Hope my next order (arriving Monday or Tuesday) is fine…I just couldn’t help but order again with the hope not to run into the taste again. I really see now how much Huel helped my everyday life!

@JamesCollier Thanks for your efforts so far! Even though the problem is not clear, it’s nice to see that you’re strongly working on it! Not just the product, but also the team and support behind it outmatches the competition by far!


That’s extremely weird. I have batch 6800 of Berry too and it tastes fine to me :thinking:


That’s really interesting…

I tested few weeks ago a new vanilla flavored Huel from a friend who ordered in April (batch 5472) and there was literally nothing of that taste! In those past 20 months I never had that distinctive odd taste, it’s really crazy!


Marvin, sorry if you felt any of my “harsh” language was aimed at you. I actually just clicked the first “reply” button I saw and it happened to be on your post, nothing was aimed at you at all.


Is it odd to review procedures with a fine-toothcombe if there clearly is an issue?

No of course not, but as far as I can tell from the thread…

  • You’ve carried out a quality review of some kind and found no issues.
  • Historically; you already ran some sort of tests to replicate hot vans for the US market and had no problems.

Then; having found nothing wrong with any of the batches people are reporting problems with, you’ve made some unknown changes that you’re confident will fix the issue that you couldn’t find.

The changes we made were things that could have caused the issues described by the complaints. So, we’re confident that the issue is resolved…

That’s the bit that seems odd: We don’t know what the problem is, we can’t find or replicate it, but we changed some things and it won’t happen again.

And have I got it wrong here but from the thread it doesn’t look like anyone at Huel HQ has actually tasted some returned powder, surely that’s the first thing to do?


Hi James. Tristan addresses the main issue I find confusing:

I would add 4 additional questions:

  • What were the specific changes you made?
  • As you’ve said, you can’t find an issue. It follows then, that you can’t know if these changes will fix it. Is this reasoning correct? If not please tell me what I have missed.
  • When were these changes implemented?
  • Why, despite this effort, are some people (see Warren’s post) still reporting the same problem?


Pushed mine back another month, as I’m not convinced yet that I wouldn’t receive a suspect delivery.

As I said previously I recognise that Huel would probably fix it really quickly, though I do wonder about a repeat with the replacement shipment.

In any case I just dont need the hassle of returning packages and if I’m honest i don’t want to taste what others have had the misfortune to experience.


Hi @Tristan - I said above:

My colleagues have indeed tested some of the actual returned pouches.

I’m sorry that you feel this way. I was merely trying to state that we are also acting based on feedback because there clearly is an issue.


Hi @Konrad

(i) reviewed the blending process. Some of the smaller ingredients are being pre-blended
(ii) quaranteened a load of empty pouches - the ones uses in the batches people complained about. We’re now using a new stock. This could be a possible reason, even though the pouches we looked at were fine. We thought it best to be cautious.
(iii) we quarenteened a batch of brown rice protein and are using a new supply. As this ingredient has had natural variation in the past wev’ve thought this action prudent.

  1. Maybe, but we’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of people have discussed this. Listening to the useful descriptions from Huelers, these are the likely fixes.

  2. (i) Thurs 12th July, (ii) Thurs 12th July (iii) 4 weeks ago

  3. I will look into this


Maybe the air was drier or something - that sounds like static. I’ve had it once or twice but not always.