Odd taste?


Has anybody received any new packets since the changes were made in mid July that have been fine again? I want to place my first order, but reading through this discussion has made me a bit anxious and like I should hold off until it’s confirmed this “odd taste” issue has gone away, I’d hate to spoil my first impressions of Huel because of this (and would have no basis for comparison to a “correctly tasting” batch)


Removed the swear words. Just keep the forum a family friendly place. I too have a potty mouth!


I got two bags about 2 weeks ago. One Berry and one Original Vanilla.
The Berry tastes good, none of that plastic taste.
Tried opening the Original Vanilla just there though and it’s still pretty bad. Not as bad as other bags I’ve had, I think I’ll be able to finish this one though, in that it didn’t make me feel like vomitting straight away, like with the other bags.
Just wish they’d sort it out. All this stuff about “blind taste tests” and not being able to tell the difference sounds like nonsense. There’s no way someone is tasting one of the Plastic Flavoured Bags and not noticing how awful it is.
Anyway, I guess I’ll just switch to Berry Flavour for my subscriptions.


That’s worrying, I was hoping to make my first order soon.

@TimOfficialHuel I know you guys have been working hard to try and figure this out but is there any updates to this, or any words of reassurance to me as a hopefully-soon new customer? I’m quite worried about making an order now and then getting a vanilla bag which may or may not have this issue, and I would have no way to know if that’s the “correct” taste or not to judge it by.


I have two berry pouches arriving tomorrow. I’ll post here my experience in a couple of days.


Pleased to say that my bag of berry (batch 7358) doesn’t have the plastic taste.


My next order due later in August. Will be a mix of Original Vanilla and Unsweetened / Unflavoured. So am interested in any recent batches of those 2?


Anybody else have batch 6884 in GF Berry? I haven’t purchased berry before so not sure if it tastes normal or plastic like? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Believe me, you would know. The plastic taste was foul.


Hi everyone, I was just wondering if this issue has improved, I note to topic started way back June/July, I’ve just ordered original vanilla and am greatly concerned it will have the plasticy taste, I don’t want my first experience to be bad.

Any updates? Thanks x


I was worried too but pleased to report that my (new) vanilla and berry powders both absolutely fine :slight_smile:


This is not the best way to contact HQ directly. The guys there may not see your message. Tagging good old @TimOfficialHuel.


Post withdrawn, assume it’s been rectified…:grimacing:? Looked at the removed post message and complaints are absolutely logged in this manner but it’s worth noting that there could be a whole host of other factors at play, it’s important not to make judgements based on one batch that one person complained about else we’ll end up on a proverbial goose chase. We log the complaints and when we spot trends we take action :+1:


@Marvin7xx, thanks for the reply. My order arrived and I’m also pleased to say it tastes fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

@TimOfficialHuel thanks, glad to know comments/complaints are looked into.