Odd taste?


Not sure I understand the analogy - the software user report / ability to demonstrate the problem, is the equivalent of someone returning the suspect package & contents surely?

Huel then have the problem in front of them - they can smell, taste and test if required, what the user is unhappy with. They can examine the pack itself and compare it to normal packaging, return it to the manufacturer for them to examine in detail etc.

What am I missing?


I wouldn’t use it if it tasted of plastic. That is worrying. I have not personally noticed any issues using various batches of unflavoured or either vanilla or coffee. I would sure complain if I wasn’t happy. So far all good here.


It is worrying though…but I don’t think the weather is the cause,


Hadn’t had any Huel for few weeks, which forced me back into old patterns: fast food, suppplements and drinking to less water…I really miss it!! Hope it’s going to be resolved somewhen, especially since I want to try the new berry taste badly but still are afraid of encounting that strange plastic taste… :cry:


Have you requested a replacement for your bad batch? I did and it arrives tomorrow, hopefully it’s ok!


I’ll be interested to hear how the latest batches go for everyone and what their batch numbers are.

Ive just delayed my next shipment until next week now for just this reason. If necessary I’ll delay it again.

Returning suspect packages is way too much hassle


I recieved replacements for 6620 - 6417.
It’s not quite as bad, I can stomach it with fs. However, it still smells like fart and using the same proportions of powder, water and fs as previous bags - it tastes a lot less mint-chocolate which leads me to think the amount of vanilla flavor and sweetener is still not dosed in the amounts it was prior.

I’m ordering New Vanilla next time, hopefully it suits me better.


I’ve no bloody idea what’s going on, and whilst I appreciate the response from Tim, I can’t order more until I have used my existing stocks JUST IN CASE the new ones taste crappy and I won’t know until the return window closes.

Very sad.


I tried drinking the new batch now with added fs, it tastes fine. I think it may be the peas smelling different - although my last batch did taste wrong even with fs.


I just want to know that it’s safe to consume the dodgy batches.
Huel has made a huge difference to my overall feeling of health and well-being, and now that I’ve not had Huel for like 2 weeks, I’m starting to feel a difference. I want to start back up on the Huel, but I want to know that it’s safe to do so.
You guys are saying that you’ve done “blind taste tests and had no results”… Well how about you just taste one of the dodgy batches. There’s no way whatsoever that you won’t be able to taste how awful it is.
If it was any other taste from these batches, it’d be fine… But it tastes like melted plastic/plasticine… This isn’t a natural taste surely. There’s some sort of chemical issue and I don’t want to make myself sick.
Drinking this stuff makes me almost feel like I want to vomit, and that’s not a good thing.


I think it should be safe as all batches are tested before being released and bags should be able to tolerate high temperatures. But, if you aren’t happy with the bags because there is something wrong to them, you are able to return them. Contact customer support to get replacements.


Just mailed team@huel to push my delivery back another week, to give more time for new batch feedback. Hoping whatever it was, has definitely been isolated / removed from production by then.


I received a summary mail from the US forum this morning.

Seems there are some taste issues there too - this link from the mail https://discourse.huel.com/t/not-all-the-new-black-bags-are-sealed-properly/2386

and this from suggested topics below it https://discourse.huel.com/t/the-new-black-bags/2376


I’m afraid I’ll have to add to the concerned voices in this thread.

I got my first bad batch around mid May. The taste was as others here have described it.

This was batch 6160. I was offered a replacement and was asked to return the one I had.

The replacement (batch 6530) I received mid June, opened today, unfortunately also has the same issue.

I think it was probably a mistake on the part of Huel to immediately start issuing replacements without properly investigating and solving the issue.

I sent my first affected order back about a month ago, as I assume others did as well. I understood this was so that Huel could determine what the issue was. Apparently that isn’t happening.

I have been a customer for almost a year, but I’m afraid that’s it for me.

Additional context, if this is helpful to anyone:

-The order was received in Berlin, Germany
-The issue was more severe in batch 6160 (the first order). It was so bad I could detect the smell coming from the box.
-A bag of coffee Huel from the same order which arrived separately had the same issue, but it was not nearly as strong. Perhaps this suggests there is something to the theory that something is going on in transport.
-The taste of plastic in the last pouch from 6530 seems to be not as strong as in 6160.


Hi all,

I just finished up a previous order of the New Vanilla flavour, so I ordered a new subscription of two bags, ‘Original Vanilla’, v2.3. I’m also experiencing this terrible plasticy aftertaste that makes it close to undrinkable. It seems like something is really off in the recipe?

I’ve also reached out to Customer Services, but just to update and say I’m still having this problem. My bags are Batch 6872.


I don’t understand why Huel seem to be quite quiet on this. I skipped my subscription because I had two bags left, which would mean new bags arriving would be unopened for more than the 30 day return window.

I won’t re order until I’ve run out - and that’ll be trepidatiously.



This is not good news. My once or twice (can’t remember which!) postponed shipment is due to ship next week. Will mail and delay again I think. Tbh i won’t reorder till I feel the problems been recognised and solved.


I have recently had a delivery of two new vanilla, and they’re both fine.

It is possible that Huel are quiet on this because they’re trying to find out what the cause is.
Considering it appears to be some bags, but not all, from multiple production runs - there is no way that would be easy to track down.


I’ve ordered berry and coffee and they are fine
I only get weird taste with Original Vanilla…
I’ve also ordered new vanilla, will be here next week, will let you know if its fine.


My interest is original vanilla as my order is 7 x Original vanilla + 1 x u/u and id happily switch to 8 x Original vanilla but not the other way obv