[Omega3] EPA & DHA (AvailOm®)

Since there are vegan algae powders like the following:

“AvailOm® 50 High DHA Algae is vegan friendly. 45% Min. EPA & DHA Load - Free Fatty Acid Form (Rapid Absorption). AvailOm® has a 4 year shelf life and confirmed 3-5x times higher bioavailability than standard Omega-3 fish oil ethyl ester forms.”

Did Huel consider to use EPA and DHA at least for the Huel Black product line? It will certainly be more expensive, but you could lower overall PUFAs and add more MCTs for example.

Hey Johnny, great question.

We have done, unfortunately the taste is really really bad. It brings a fishy taste that despite the best efforts of our product development team, couldn’t be fully masked.

Fish pie H&S?! :smile:


Did James think about something like for example Huel Black & White, where taste plays a minor role or you would go for some experimental flavours to have a chance to create meals with LC-PUFAs and maybe other changes like added zinc, more forms of vitamin E and creatine?

Yes we’ve tried LC-PUFAs in both Huel v3.0 and Black Edition, although taste is less of a priority those fatty acids still create an unacceptable taste profile.

Why do you think adding more zinc and forms of vitamin E would be beneficial? 400kcal of Huel v3.0 provides over 35% of the RDA for zinc and the form of vitamin E we use is the most bioavailable form.

For creatine, there are benefits for muscle growth and potentially brain health (but early days) however, we feel it’s addition would create a product that only has purposes for sports rather than it’s multiple uses.

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