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I know that he forum is starting to get filled with feedback about both Powder and Black, but just wanted to contribute my two cents on the matter.

I had the pleasure to try Huel Black (both flavours) recently, and I must say it was somewhat of a disappointment. I really enjoyed the texture of it and the thickness (although I think it can get too thick if left overnight). However, I don’t have such kind words for the taste.

Huel Black Chocolate was just not very pleasant. I found the chocolate to be barely noticeable and overpowered by the pea protein taste. 5/10

On the other hand, Huel Black Vanilla was slightly better, more similar to the White version, and I kind of enjoyed it. Nevertheless, the pea flavour is still there. 6/10.

This “pea flavour” is most noticeable if the shakes are not left overnight. I also found that mixing Huel Black with milk (which I love for White) makes it even worse.

Besides the taste these are my other complains about Huel Black:

  • Too much ALA and protein. Particularly if you are going to consume over 2 shakes a day.
  • Macros don’t feel great for heavy use. I understand that this is personal.

As such, I think that Huel Powder is still the better of both of them. I find the flavours much more enjoyable (let’s hope the 3.0 update doesn’t change this so drastically, since I have yet to try it). I think the macros also fit better for most of the people.

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May I ask what ALA is?

Alpha-linolenic acid?

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Huel Black macro split is not usual but is attractive if you follow a “loose fat while maintaining as much muscles as possible” diet. In this kind of period, it is know that one should lower it’s carbohydrats intake, increase the fat and protein intakes and exercice a lot.

Why do you say “Macros don’t feel great for heavy use”?
What is ALA?

I don’t have any issue with the protein amounts in Black personally, ideally I would love a high protein high carb huel and Lower fat. Huel Grey Edition?

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Just add whey protein + instant oats to your classic Huel powder and you’ll get what you want


ALA is one of the three essential omega-3 amino acids. Others are DHA and EPA. ALA or alpha linolenic acid is also a precursor to both DHA and EPA, even though the conversion rates are not great:

Great little article.

One serving of Huel Black has 6.1g of omega-3 which is going to be mostly (over 90%, correct me if wrong @Dan_Huel) ALA.

Life Stage Recommended Amount of ALA
Birth to 12 months* 0.5 g
Children 1–3 years 0.7 g
Children 4–8 years 0.9 g
Boys 9–13 years 1.2 g
Girls 9–13 years 1.0 g
Teen boys 14–18 years 1.6 g
Teen girls 14–18 years 1.1 g
Men 1.6 g
Women 1.1 g
Pregnant teens and women 1.4 g
Breastfeeding teens and women 1.3 g

here are some ALA recommendations from National Institutes of Health

See above. Hope it helps.

I just feel that there is too much protein and too little carbs. Your body might feel lost on where to get the energy from, since it is not low enough carb to trigger full ketosis. Then, are you going to use fats, protein and carbs for energy? Not an expert on this area, but I feel like the cycles have negative feedback on each other (cycles of carbs -> energy, fat-> energy, amino acid -> energy).

That’s why I personally wouldn’t use it that heavily. 200g of protein a day, or even 160g plus what you get on the other meal are a lot. I mean a lot.


Ok thanks
Yes it is a lot protein and so what?

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Thanks for your feedback, it’s nice to have everyone’s’ view.

It is mostly ALA yes. It is higher than the recommended amounts but this is more of a minimum amount rather than an optimum. If you’re consuming more fat you will consume more omega 3 and omega 6 and Huel Black Edition has a great ratio of the two. I’m not aware of issues of consuming that amount of ALA.

Don’t worry your body won’t be lost. It’s good at getting energy from the food you eat. It’s going to use all 3 macronutrients for energy, how much it uses of each will depend on how much you eat relative to one another.

You can take a look at people living on what is closest to what our ancestors ate for this. The hadza tribe has a diet consisting of mainly carbs while the maasai tribe has a diet consisting mainly of fat.

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As an aside and for my usual thread derailment, my username “hunzas” is a nod to the Hunza tribe of North Pakistan. Their diet is an interesting one too, with great health benefits.


I thought it was somethIng you shouted when you post, like shazaaaam!

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Unless he shouts it before he posts he is just a ten year old boy? :stuck_out_tongue:

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[/quote] When he hits reply I thought. May we all hold dear our inner 10 year old and let them out when we can.

I just tried Huel Black vanilla. I was pleasantly surprised by the total absence of any lumps (which seem unavoidable with regular White Huel). :smiley: It was very smooth and creamy (mixed with part cashew milk though). I also like that it doesn’t have that sucralose taste. And that I can have the same amount of protein as in a Huel White shake with 100 kcal less. :slight_smile: I’ll probably stick with White most of the time because it seems most balanced nutritionally, but I’m glad for the variety and will use black occasionally. :slight_smile: