One month of Huel - pros and cons


So wait there’s Russian chat bots on the Huel forum now?




Thanks - I don’t think everyone shares your enthusiasm… but, yeah, my message to them DiLLIGAF.




I use my new neighbours internet and computer ! And it was her who introduced me to Huel and the forum


Why do I keep getting flagged? And I’ve received 4 messages telling me my posts are spam. They are clearly not spam. Am I not allowed to join the forum if I don’t have my own computer??


What’s that Mandy, I can’t hear you?


@MandyMo Tim says he was going to PM you, but I guess the pub was calling as it is Friday. It seems that Discourse (the organisation that provides the forum) only allows 1 new user from any IP address. I assume your friend is also a recent sign-up to the forum. I always thought the default was 3 users per IP address, so I don’t know if Huel have tweaked it, the default has changed or what. Must be annoying tho…


He says it’s ok. I have been unsilenced. He might regret that. I am trouble :wink:


Welcome back Mandy. Glad everything sorted out now :smile:


You can’t be any worse than some of the other riff raff around here…


I’ve noticed an interesting pattern with Huel and food cravings which just makes me doubly positive Huel is the solution to my over-eating problems.
On Thursday I did 100% Huel (well allowing myself vegetables as well). My planned calorie intake for the day was 1400, but I was actually full on 1000 and had plenty energy through the day. I didn’t get any hunger pangs or cravings and I didn’t have a problem sleeping that night like I usually do when I’m in calorie deficit.

Saturday I had no Huel… I had so much food in the fridge that needed using up, that I decided to give Huel a miss for a day. That’s the first time since I started on Huel that I haven’t had any at all, not even for breakfast.
What happened? I could not stop eating ALL day. I felt starving. I was craving all the time but wasn’t sure what for. I literally had about 8 meals plus snacks. I didn’t count calories but I’m guessing I consumed somewhere close to 5/6000.
This is what I was like every day before Huel. I was doing tons of exercise but still have been steadily putting on weight due to my insatiable hunger.

So, I think I need to increase my Huel intake on a regular basis, and have Huel twice a day minimum, every day.
I really love food so don’t think I could cut it out completely and go 100% Huel everyday for even a month, but I plan to do 100% Huel at least twice a week and 50-75% Huel on all other days.

There really is something magic about it.
Today is gonna be my second 100% Huel day :slight_smile:


I tried frozen fruit with berry, that’s a nice way to empty the bag so to speak.


That’s a new euphemism to me