One-time Purchases

I’m probably missing something obvious, but has the way to order one-time products with your next delivery changed in the past few months? I can only find the option now by scrolling down on the Account Overview page…

…and if this is its new home, the experience is NOT great!! I wanted to order 2 scoops and 2 bottles but as soon as you add one of each to your order, the option to add another disappears! Nor can you change the quantities under your next subscription summary.

Please change it back Huel, I need more scoops!!! :joy:

No changes have been made so I’m sorry you’re running into some issues!

Can you drop us an email at and we’ll get this looked into and all sorted right away for you :heart:

There are 2 different pages that might be shown to you for one time purchases (Exclusive Basket Offers – Huel)

One of them lets you pick from all of the products and flavours and the other one only offers these items:

Enjoy 50% off single items
50% off Huel Complete Nutrition Bar Chocolate Caramel
50% off Huel Ready-to-drink Vanilla
50% off Huel Daily A-Z Vitamins Cherry & Raspberry— 100mg natural caffeine

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