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Hello, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I wanted to share this with you. Open Food Facts, a non-profit organization, relies on donations to inform consumers worldwide about their food. They have a helpful app to scan products and assess their quality. However, when scanning Huel products, the feedback suggests they are nutritionally deficient. Can anyone confirm this?


This seems important to note

You could improve the data by typing in the ingredients list and correcting the “fiber = ?” bit. I guess it couldn’t scan the nutritional info fully because of the British spelling (a pretty big oversight for a global app).

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just adding some.

not sure how a plant based product can be ranked as not a complete food based only one components score (fats) and then warning you about the dangers of cholesterol. It makes Wikipedia look like a reliable source of information :slight_smile:

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To be fair it’s based on user-submitted data, and the user just took some bad photos and called it a day.

yeah that’s the issue with things like this and Wiki - not an accurate source of information :slight_smile:

Just like Wiki – many people take it as gospel and don’t realise it can be wildly inaccurate, biased or even completely false. I would say that while the intention of this is good, with something like food where people may actually need very accurate product information – it’s incredibly risky to rely on a service like this. Unless that is they put in some sort of auto controls where all the fields including ingredients etc has to be added and indicate maybe by peer review that others agree with the information.

With apps like MyFitnessPal, if you spot inaccuracies you can correct them and the data is sent to be “reviewed and updated”. But I don’t know what reviewing, if any, actually takes place.

I see Open Food Facts has a changelog similar to Wikipedia. That Huel Black entry has been edited by five people and it’s still hopeless.

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Huel is nutritionally complete.

Perhaps they (or whoever submitted the false information or metric of measure) should be contacted to confirm their statements.