Website feedback - Nutrition pages

Could Huel’s web team please make it easier to find specific nutrition information on the website?

At the moment, the ‘Nutrition information’ button at the top opens a sub-menu with the different products (Hot & Savoury, Powder, Black Edition etc…). You then click whatever you product you want, and it takes you to a reeeealllllyyyy loooooonnngggg web page that has no quick-links or way of easily and quickly finding the information you want.

Let’s say I wanted to find out the fibre in Gluten-free 3.1 Berry - I’d have to scroll and scroll and scroll down until I find it somewhere in the bottom third of the page.

Maybe at the top of each of the nutrition pages have quick-links to each of the flavours and each gluten-free flavour so you can quickly jump the relevant section?


There is actually a nutrition and ingredients option on each product page also - they do contain all the flavours but only within that product range.

As Phil said there is also a nutrition and ingredient breakdown on the product pages too.

With there being a variety of different flavours and slight differences in the nutritional breakdown we wanted to make sure all product information was in one clear place under the nutrition tab.

I do think the quick links could be a good idea with different products and flavours broken into clickable tabs if that would be helpful? I will make sure to pass this suggestion on to our e-commerce team!

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Dan was going to do corrections to some of the nutrition numbers. Just had a look and there’s still some wacky arithmetic on fat % of RI at 2000kc. For all three powders it looks like, tho’ not all flavours.

Probably trivial to most of us, but when you notice one number’s wrong you can start to have doubts about all the others. :scream:

I’ve spoken to the nutrition team about this and they’ve assured me it is getting done, there are just some other priorities that have come up I’m afraid.

Completely understandable and we will make sure to have these updated as soon as possible.

no worries - I’m the only one being a pedant about it! :grin: