Recipes nutritional information

Since I’m putting everything i’m eating into MFP, it would be a great help if Huel recipes had nutritional information already available - would this be possible?

I don’t know whether this are the recipes you were talking about.

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Oh thank you, I’ve not seen that. I meant the recipes on the blog, eg this one, but it’s no biggie, it’s easy enough to work it out.

Perhaps if it is easy you can work it all out and add them for everyone’s benefit. You may even get a badge.


Good idea :grinning:

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I’m pretty sure the ones in the blog are the same as the ones in the booklet. At least most of them.

That’s a great idea! I’ll pass it on but we don’t do it currently since the recipes are often like healthy treats. I’ve asked the team and we’ll see what we can do going forward :slight_smile:

All the recipes in the eBook are on the website and the ones in the eBook have the nutritional information on. However any that aren’t in the booklet won’t have the nutritional information on. Thanks for the suggestion!

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