Ordered my first Huel

Hi There,

Just wanted to say hi. I have placed my first order after I though that Huel is exactly what I need for my lifestyle.

I have a busy job and never eat breakfast and have a faily un-healthy lunch and a large dinner and want to try Huel for breakfast and lunch and have a normal dinner (I do love my food)…

In terms of excerise, has anyone tried Huel with Insanity Workout?

Cant wait to receive it and try it out… I feel that I will mix it with coffee in the morining, do love the coffee.

Many Thanks :wink:

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Welcome @Matt_Hutchings!

You will almost certainly feel a lot better once you start having Huel, especially if you have been skipping breakfast up until now. I totally understand about wanting to keep having evening meals though. I tend to do that too. So does Julian.

I’ve not tried the insanity workout. However, I have used Huel when cycling and walking and it is really good. I personally find it keeps me going best if I drink it gradually throughout the day. Then I pretty much have constant energy the whole time.

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I’m using Huel in combination with working out in the gym about 4 times a week and so far it’s given me great energy and recovery.

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@Matt_Hutchings Hi Matt! Great that you are starting on Huel - let us know how you find it! As far as the Insanity workout, I’m not sure, but there is a thread for extreme exercise/ ultramarathons Huel for ultra marathon running? and also just found a thread for Insanity Workout Huel with Insanity workout but i don’t think there has been anyone who has tried it yet. Hope that is helpful! :slight_smile:

Just received my order today and wanted to share my experiance:

I couldnt wait to get try the flavor after reading about it on the forum. The delivery came next day very efficiant, with the courrier keeping me up to date :slight_smile:

Really happy with everything in the box and showed it off to my work collegues who didnt understand it and said i didnt need to spend that money on it… One even tried looking at the ingerdiants and saying “why do you have so much salt in it… you dont need salt” … I showed him the NHS website where is says you should have no more than 6g of salt where Huel only has 3.4g… THAT SHOWED HIM :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone reccomend pretty much to blend it, so i ordered a Breville Blend active and that in its self is amazing. collected it from Currys/PC World for £22 (amazon is £20 + £7 postage!)

With this blender you have drink bottles you mix the Huel in and then you swap the head over from a mixer head to a drinking head and drink from the same bottle!!!

Need to play around with the water, the breville bottles only hold 600ml of water, and when you add the 3 scoops, you are over flowing, its just about finding the right balance.

Tried the flavour, and I love it, perfect texture, great taste and smells good. I have made 2 shakes ready for tomorrow, One with 50ml of coffee for my morning boost!

Looks great, cant wait to start… My collegue has even invited me for a 5k run on thursday!

@Matt_Hutchings Hi Matt, great to hear you are getting on so well with Huel! And that you like the taste, texture etc. It is certainly a good talking point with people isn’t it! The blender looks super handy too. Let us know how you get on on a long term basis too :slight_smile:

@Matt_Hutchings also hope you don’t mind if I use a snippet of your comment on fb/twitter. Won’t have your full name on or anything! Thanks!

I’ve been using that blender for my smaller shakes, works a treat. Water in first though, otherwise it clumps horribly at the bottom & you’ll never get it clean (my fiancé has tiny hands so I have to get her to clean it out)… although I sometimes find if I get distracted & don’t blend it quick enough then it can stick to the sides a bit too.

Most of my shakes are 200g or more though so I use a blender jug instead.

Feel free to use the picture :slight_smile:

First day on Huel, I have a slight headache where I feel I have no consumed enough food/drink so I am going to up it to three servings a day.

Water first and then Huel and then Coffee… Super handy in the serving cups it gives you… Had them in the car and flying around left right and center and they were supurb.

On another note, I also went to Bournemouth University Julian… I enjoyed it that much down here I have stayed here after graduating.

@Matt_Hutchings thanks Matt! What size serving are you using? Yes, if you are still feeling hungry then you might not be using enough Huel.