Huel with Insanity workout


I have been reading the forums and viewed various videos reviews, but could do with some pointers.

I am a software developer, so during the day I am not very active, probably exercise once a week. My diet is also pretty poor and I snack a lot at work.

I am aware that I need to do more exercise, and am planning to do the Insanity Workout DVDs. I have done them before so know it works in shifting weight.

I also know that I need to sort my diet out, hence why I am here. Would Huel work as a decent post workout shake, and if I am using it for 3 meals, would it give me enough energy for the day and my workout? Would I still work out my portions based on the guide on the site, or would I need to adjust it slightly to take into account the intense workout?

Or would I be better off using huel less while I do the workout and then look to increase my use later down the line.

I’m no nutrition expert if you haven’t worked that out by now, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

@AndrewBerry I’m no expert, but my Huel kept me going well on a bike ride of several hours. However, I find it keeps me going better if I drink it gradually.

Actually, I think the whole concept of meals can be completely abandoned while consuming Huel. I find it keeps me going much better if I just gradually drink it throughout the day. For example, I tend to drink a small tumbler glass of it once every hour. I don’t get hungry at all, and I don’t seem to get sick of the flavour.

Cheers for the reply. Are you on Huel for all your meals?

Will be placing an order next week to give it a go. After a week will you notice any difference? In terms of energy etc, or does it take longer for the body to properly appreciate the balanced diet? I know I won’t reap all the benefits from a week, but think I need a small trial run to see if I can get used to the transition from food to huel.

I don’t think I would ever lose all 3 meals every day, but for my busy days I easily could (last night was an example where I didn’t get any tea through work and other commitments). A bottle of Huel would have helped me out no end.

Like you I have an office job so to say that I wasn’t very active is an understatement.
I previously played rugby to a pretty high level so know how to train (with supplements) effectively.
I have huel three times a day and I have loads of energy. I don’t feel hungry either. I looked into adding protein powder to the drink too but the truth is unless you are a series athlete trying to bulk up, there is plenty of protein in Huel. I might add a half scoop of protein powder to Huel if if worked particularly hard, but I have to admit that it is more for the strawberry flavour!

Seriously, try it for a week. You will feel great and have loads of energy for exercise (as long as you find time!).

Thanks for the reply Tim, I saw your post earlier and it resonated with me. I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer depression, although recently I have been in a lul in terms of energy, and with work commitments it is mostly down to diet.

I’m not really looking to bulk up, or lose much weight (need to lose a couple of inches off the waist, but i’m still just about a healthy weight, just at the higher end of it), I think I just need a jump start, as when my energy comes back, I will exercise more and it’ll give me the boost I need.

For flavourings I am planning to use Syrups for coffees and blend some fruit with it. I’m not going to calorie count, I will work out my Huel amounts based on the 500 cal deficinecy but add things into the shakes that may add some, but I just need the nutrients really.

Thanks for the post, you’ve tipped me off the fence. Will order a weeks worth on my lunch.

@AndrewBerry I typically tend to consume Huel for breakfast and then throughout the day, then have a standard meal in the evening. But somtimes I do have a 100% Huel day if can’t think what to cook in the evening. I also sometimes have a 0% Huel day.

Cool, well after some more reading and watching various video reviews, I have ordered my first batch today. Juts a week’s worth of supplies to get me started.

Haven’t really started my fitness regime yet, still feeling a little lethargic, but hopefully huel will give me an energy boost.

Appreciate everyones input, so thanks for that, and I will post updates (maybe daily) on how I get on.

Hi Andrew, it’s been almost a year. Do you have any updates on how the workout and huel work together?