Original flavour poll - Original customers I need your opinion

I’m not saying anythign about sending out samples etc, but look at it this way:

Chocolate was one of your most popular flavours, on release of 3.0 you didn’t do a poll asking if people would like to try the new flavour that was 90% similar to version 2.3, you merely put out 3.0 for people to try and have now taken feedback on board. If you had put out a poll you wouldn’t have had people actually experiencing it.

If you wanted to send out samples to a small portion, i would understand that as “focus grouping” in a way, but why not test 3.0 Original the same way you have tested the others, by just making it available to the public and building on feedback from there? I have no doubt fans of Original 2.3 would be willing to buy a bag to try, i know i would be. If you consider it 90% close enough, i think that would be worth putting on the market and getting actual feedback, i’m sure you could at least sell enough bags for single run based on the amount of Original consumers right? :slight_smile:

The answer just seems so obvious to me.

Yes, if I like it more.
No, if I don’t like it.

People didn’t stick with Original because they’re “loyal” to it. Who on earth is loyal to a taste? They stuck with it because they like it more than the other flavours.


Basically this, i started a couple of months before 3.0 was released, so i had original not out of loyalty for the product, just because i liked it, and Banana occasionally to break up the monotony. I just like the taste :stuck_out_tongue:

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You treacherous worm. Banana is an affront to the Original Gods.

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Well, i bought a bag of berry once.

That’s that story… xD

Even I have done that. I was young and foolish.

Chocolate is a core flavour it was going to be released, it is must have in our range for existing and new customers

Very few new customers will buy original, why would they “original” is pretty meaningless as a flavour name.

We were planning to delist it, but we were asked by the community not to delist. so it was created for the loyalists who like that type of flavour.


But my point is, as you can see from the feedback of the newest chocolate, you wouldn’t have known that some peoples tastebuds just dont like the new flavouring. You could have asked them if they would like it but they simply dont know without tasting it.

Its as David says, either yes, they will buy it because they like it, or no they wont, because they dont like it. The simplest way would be to get this into customers hands. If you have determined there is demand for it, could a single run of the product to test the waters hurt?

And perhaps the “original” being meaningless as a flavour argument means maybe its time for a rebranding on it? There are over 100 types of vanilla flavouring, perhaps it could get more specific? I’m not a flavouring expert but its clear there is enough of a distinction between Vanilla and Original that they are clearly separate types of vanilla flavouring, right?

I’m also a really big fan of the way Huel accepts feedback from the community and tries to match their product to it, this just seems like an extra step in testing the product with consumers, kind of like testing the waters for testing the waters.

I refuse to believe there’s a person who would get new new Original, try it, and say “this is nicer than before but it’s 10% different INTO THE BIN IT GOES”.

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To me, the original flavour is pretty close to what I would consider “plain”. It’s sweet, but without much flavour of its own, hence why it works so well with the flavour boosts.
Perhaps it could be renamed “plain” ?
If the new version still tastes neutral enough for it to be called this.


I actually find Original a little sweeter than Vanilla, Vanilla to me feels more plain whilst Original has a slight taste of… Ice Cream, but in the cream soda type way, very mild but just enough to enjoy.

And that’s gotta be proof its pretty subjective :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a shame though because it is what I use (as an old customer) 50/50 with uu. I prefer it to the new vanilla but at same time like the “new” vanilla as well, but yeah it won’t really attract new customers with that name. I’d call it “Original and best” or “Diehard” version. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really buy any of the other flavours but just use various boosts and other flavourings. In fact the only flavour I thought was amazing was the christmas pudding one. The others vary from OK to meh.

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Hi @Julian. In my case it is more that v3.0 does not agree with me now I have given it a good try. I have fallen back on v2.3 Original, not simply because of taste, but for the sake of my gut.

If v3.0 did agree with me I would be more than happy to try a v3.0 flavour 80%-90% similar to Original. IMO it would be silly not to.


As Julian has eluded to, because the numbers of orders for Original are pretty low, and explaining the difference in flavour on a product page is difficult (although we try), it’s an expensive risk if no one buys it. We value your opinions, and we are trying to gauge if this attempted flavour match we have produced wouldn’t be touched with a barge pole by Original customers if they knew it wasn’t quite what they were used to. As opposed to launching a new line of flavours, as Julian said, we have lots of flavours and a New Original isn’t part of the plan.

SO, Original is the lowest selling product then i’d assume? I would have thought, basedon all the feedback in the forums, Berry would be the lowest number with all the negativity around it, or even Coffee, as it is the one i hear least about just behind Mint Chocolate.

I would have thought Original would have been slightly higher up than bottom, but again, with it being called “original”, that does make it sound like it would perhaps be flavourless, i was not sure of the flavour when i started and did a fair bit of research and was onmy 6th/7th bag by the time i found out what it was and decided to try it.

80-90% of that negativity is me. I work hard.


Well, 80-90% is all that matters to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I feel I should work harder now. I found out how evil Berry was and didn’t make nearly as much fuss as you :joy:
But then again I found new vanilla almost equally evil.
It’s UU all the way for me.


I still haven’t tried UU. I made a big order today, and I’m trying banana and coffee v3.0 this month, but my finger hovered over the UU button and did not dare to press it.

I’m scared that if I discover what unflavoured Huel actually tastes like, I’ll never be able to un-taste it, now matter how many flavours I add.

Think of all the lives destroyed because you didn’t do enough.