Original flavour poll - Original customers I need your opinion

Do you like the taste of plain oatmeal? And pea protein? If yes, then you’ll like UU. If no, then you probably would need to add boosters to it. Ultimately all the other premixes are UU plus flavour plus sweetener. So it’s easy enough to turn it into something you like. Unlike Berry. Berry is unsalvageable.


It is purple though. I wish more of my drinks were purple or blue :frowning:

But that’s the problem. If I try UU and it tastes like a corpse’s bum, then whenever I have any of the other flavours I’ll keep thinking about how there’s a cadaver’s anus lurking under the sweetness. I don’t want to open Pandora’s Box.

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I remember much preferring Original to Vanilla. It matters less to me now as I always mix up 2/3 U&U with 1/3 Vanilla, and also because I use ginger, cinnamon, matcha etc. to flavour it.

I’d still switch to 1/3 Original if I could. “80-90 similar” is really unclear though, so I just don’t know if I’d prefer your new product to Vanilla. I suspect so, but that’s all.

I do think you might want to find a different name: maybe brand them both as “Vanilla ____”, finding some sub-title to distinguish them.

Vanilla OG

Vanilla Redux.

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I see what you did there. You deserve a flagging.

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I like the oxymoronic “New Original” best.

You are a butcher; I am a surgeon.


Sure, but those names don’t tell a consumer why they’d want one or the other. For that it’d be better to use terms like Rich, Fresh, Pure, Sweet, etc. Christina’s suggested before that the ‘Vanilla’ flavour actually has a buttery, toffee-like taste and could instead be called ‘Vanilla Toffee’.

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The problem with that though, is like i’ve said, it’s subjective, I dont find the Vanilla flavour to taste toffee-like at all

They should adjust Original until it tastes entirely unlike everything else in the world. Then the name would be perfect.


That’s fair of the Toffee one, since it’s a little more specific and could be seen as a promise about what’s in it. But a more vague descriptor would be fine. It’s not going to be perfect, as we’ll still have different tastes, but it’ll still be more descriptive than “Original”.

I buy the original as I like to add my own flavours to it without adding the extra calories (I’ll save those for chocolate and peanut butter thanks!) to sweeten it as well as I would with the UU. I’d try a new original and hope it worked as well with my add ins as the current one. I don’t actually drink it is it is - although I may try one day!

Well, to me the appeal of 2.3 Original is partially that it isn’t 3.0, as well as it being the nicest flavour (or just the one i tried first and habituated to?).

From a strictly business point of view, why not let original fade into history and produce a permanent gingerbread pre-mix instead?

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I REALLY like the gingerbread flavour but i dont know if i would go for a whole bag of it, for me it’s more of a nice treat every now and then, Salted Caramel i could probably get behind, gingerbread just has a stronger taste to me which requires restraint over long periods :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, look at it another way, everyday could be Christmas :laughing:


Firstly, thank you for continuing to be an open company, prepared to raise these issues with your customers.

For me, it isn’t about directly matching the 2.3 flavour but about not making Huel taste actually bad. I thought that the chocolate v2.3 was ideal - the primary flavour was chocolate and there was nothing unpleasant or overpowering in addition to that flavour. With v3.0 chocolate there is something weird overpowering the chocolate flavour which makes me not want to eat/drink it.

The badness of the v3.0 is a real shame as I had been recommending chocolate Huel to a number of people and a couple of them started their Huel experience on v3.0 chocolate before I had tried it (I was still eating my reserves of v2.3). When I got my first bags of v3.0 I was quite embarrassed to have been describing it as so great to them.

So, I don’t mind if you match the v2.3 chocolate, but I do want the bitter extra flavour removed.

And in terms of the “natural” debate. My view is as long as you are using safe sources for the nutrients and continue to focus on bio-availability, and avoiding any negative health effects from potential ingredient sources, those aspects (+flavour) are more important to me than the perceived naturalness of the source. There’s no point in having a “100% natural” product that I don’t want to eat.

I’ve been eating Huel (varying between 2/3rds and 100% of daily food) since early 2017. For completeness, here are my recollections of my reaction to various flavour/version combinations I have had:
v2.1 & 2.2 Vanilla (before the new and improved): I had no problem with this. Sometimes mixed it with U/U to reduce sweetness.
v2.1 & 2.2 U/U: I had no problem with this.
v2.3 Vanilla (new and improved): I could taste the difference but had no problem with the change between the two vanillas and happily moved to the new one.
v2.3 U/U: also fine
v2.3 Berry: pretty unpleasant - the flavour just didn’t work for me. I pushed through the one bag I ordered by adding large amounts of cocoa powder to each serving.
v2.3 chocolate: excellent - my favourite flavour, made me look forward to eating and helped me stick to Huel over snacks and actually lose some weight.
v3.0 chocolate: unpleasant extra taste, putting me in a quandry about whether to carry on with Huel.

Oh, and I signed up to the forums just to make this post (having lurked here for 3 years) so hopefully you can see that it is important to me.


In what way? That’s certainly interesting because a couple of Hueligans here (@Bee and @ChristinaT, maybe others) are saying that v3.0 doesn’t work for their guts. In which case a v3.0 Original 0.8-0.9 wouldn’t be the solution for them - is that the same for you? Or do you not like v3.0 for other reasons?

I don’t think that’s what Original Flavour Huel customers want. Despite it being a nice addition to the range, maybe in the future though :blush:

Thanks Tom, we try our best.

This is why flavouring Huel is so hard, because some said the complete opposite about Chocolate v2.3 Powder. But thanks for the comments on Chocolate v3.0, noted.

Guilty as charged :see_no_evil:
I really want to try v3 chocolate to see what all the fuss is about. I liked black chocolate.

@Tim_Huel @Dan_Huel are there many people having problems with 3.0?
I can’t figure out which of the new ingredients is causing me problems. Maybe the different probiotics to what I am used to taking?
Maybe the kombucha (something I can’t normally tolerate but figure such a tiny amount is unlikely to cause problems). Maybe the tapioca starch? I’m baffled.
Maybe I need to give my guts time to get used to it but the negative effects seems to be cumulative. I’m ok if I have one shake every few days. But can’t drink it twice a day anymore…

Edit: out of interest @Bee have you tried Black Edition? I have the same issue with black. How about you?

Well, since you asked.

To me, 2.3 is easier to digest. V.30 seems ok as I drink it, but the eventual output is more liquid than is ideal, and gets worse over time rather than better if I persist with 3.0. To be fair it might only be Banana flavour, as that is the only variant of pre-mix i have tried.

Thanks for this topic. I like that you are working on an original-like flavour.
I always thought original was the best flavour to mix in flavour boosts, as it was sweet but not overly vanilla-y, so it wouldn’t add a vanilla undertone.
But at the same time it’s completely different to uu, which I really don’t like the esrthy flavour of.
Really looking forward to the new original!

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