Original V3.0 - Change of taste

I’ve been drinking Huel for a while now. My latest delivery is more gloopy, and less sweet. The version number hasn’t changed, but the taste and consistency has. Has anyone else noticed ? I am wondering if I have I received a duff couple of bags …

Hey Sandra, welcome to the forum, sorry to see your first post is about your Huel not tasting as good.

When was the last time you ordered Original? We upgraded Original to v3.0 in August 2020, so if your last Original order was before then we would expect you to find the taste different.

However if it wasn’t then I have just checked with the team and this isn’t something we have seen any complaints about. It’s really important though that we log this so we can track trends, have you emailed customer experience team on team@huel.com about this? If you do, then the team can track it and we can launch an investigation when we think there’s an unusual amount of complaints, as well as sorting out your order.

Hope that’s helpful and sorry for the problems!

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Hi Tim - Thanks for your message. I have a monthly subscription, so I’m well used to v3. I will contact customer services. Thanks

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Hi Tim - Replacement items swiftly received. Tastes great ! Great customer service. Thank you !