Original Vanilla Feedback

Haha yes sorry just being silly, your English was perfect, I was just making fun of us all eating powdered food; a regular criticism of Huel is that it doesn’t work for people who “love food” and “just enjoy eating too much to give it up”


Ok. I personally -absolutely- LOVE food. I mean real food. I cook everyday and i actually spend hours in my kitchen on the weekends. I see Huel as a tool that allows me to eat correctly when i can’t do differently and or when it is a waste of time to cook. I eat huel every morning for breakfast as it allows me to wake up 15 min later than if i had to cook something healthy and i eat huel at noon instead of having a fast food at work. Huel is just acceptable in terms of flavour. It is okay to drink that but it is never a culinary pleasure.

I would never ever eat huel on weekends or vacations nor if it makes me miss a great moment with friends or family. Eating huel 100% seems totally crazy to me.

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This is how many (maybe most?) people fit Huel into their lives. Certainly I love food too and couldn’t agree with you more :slight_smile:

Hi All, I need your opinion on a new original flavour we have created, see thread and poll here…