Original flavour poll - Original customers I need your opinion

If you are a current or previous original flavour hueligan I would like your opinion please.

We have been trying hard to match the original flavour on the new v3 base and make it all natural. We have got close but it’s not exactly the same, I would say it’s 80-90% the same. I think this is the closest we can get.

Would you buy a new original flavour which is 80-90% similar to the old original or would you only buy it if it was an exact match.

  • Yes I would buy an natural original flavour that was a 80-90% similar
  • No I wouldn’t buy it unless it was an exact match

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fyi we’ve locked the results just so there’s no chance you’re influenced by the result

The formulation is new so even if the flavour was an exact match it’d still be different. 85ish% of the way there sounds good to me.


Would prefer if v2.3 Original was kept going. v3.0 doesn’t suit me as well.


I think it depends on that 10%, i mean, 90% sounds good but the 10% could be overpoweringly bad or good, i would definitely give it a try though :slight_smile:

I think I go back to v1.1 circa '15/'16 - I go with the flow :+1:

Like @Bee I’ve also found v3 formula doesn’t suit me well. It seems to trigger my IBS (and other allergy symptoms). It took a while to develop - initially it was fine.

As for whether I would buy a product that was “similar” to original. Well that’s impossible to say without tasting it. @Julian why not send us samples and then we can say for sure?

Personally I use original to mix 50/50 with UU as original on its own is too sweet for me personally, and although I love UU on its own or with the old flavour boosts, it doesn’t seem to work well with the new flavour boosts.
But 50:50 original and UU is perfect with the new boosts.

Ideally I’d like to keep v2.3 UU and Original.
And bring back the old flavour boosts.

I don’t think I will be able to continue with v3.
Not only does it upset my stomach and bowels, but I just don’t enjoy it.
V2.3 was addictive and the more I drank it the more I loved it.
V3 gets less pleasant every time…

I’d be very sad to no longer be a Hueligan.

Please consider keeping v2.3 UU and Original


If it was overpowering it wouldn’t be 80-90% similar.

If the flavour boosts were still nice, like they used to be, I wouldn’t much care what the shade of vanilla the base powder was…

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You forget that peoples taste buds work differently, as evidenced by the newest chocolate releases which some people find exactly the same but because of one ingredient, others find it tastinf like sewage. I would say that counts as being overpowering

This is a weird poll. Does the new flavour taste worse than the old one? Then some people will be put off. Does it taste better? Then no one will be put off. No one can possibly give you constructive feedback on a flavour they haven’t tried.

Are there really people out there who would only buy an exact match, and not an improvement? But it has to actually be an improvement.

@ChristinaT’s post illustrates this perfectly. She’s a huge Huel fangirl and was excited for v3.0, and it turned out to be bad for her. There’s no way to predict this stuff except by putting the product in customers’ hands. Instead of a poll with meaningless terms like “90% similar”, get a list of names and send everyone a sample.


David, clearly a next step would be to send a sample to some interested. That’s obvious. However there is no point if 99% of those who buy original are not interested in anything but a 100% match. That would be a waste of everyone’s time. So please, one step at a time.

We are not interested in an improvement. New and Improved Vanilla was the improvement. We’ve done that and the result was great. What we are looking to do here is make v3.0 with the flavour of Original v2.3 for those that love Original, nothing else.

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And you can’t do it. So it’s going to either be better, or worse.

edit: I’m probably being a dick though, sorry. :smiley: I just can’t imagine the person who refuses to drink something that isn’t 100% identical, without trying it. They might prefer it!

Used to have v2.1 years ago and loved the oat/porridge flavour. Due to change in life events recently wanted to start using again but will wait it seems for new original.

How similar is UU to v2.x original?

Not at all - original is a sweet vanilla flavour and UU is an unsweetened earthy flavour.

I would once again like to raise my concerns about the messaging Huel seems to be doing lately - ‘Natural good. Synthetic bad.’

Huel team, please remain science-backed and don’t fall for this all-natural-is-good fad.


@David this is not weird at all, it’s very logical.

We already have several flavours which taste better than original in extensive tastes, vanilla is a prime example and was a direct replacement for original vanilla. 80%+ preferred new vanilla.

The reason for the poll is because we have been trying to match original but some people prefer that taste but we can’t match it exactly.

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Thing is, i agree with David, taste is so subjective you cant really run an internet poll on a taste nobody has experienced. Saying you have several flavours that taste better than original kind of proves this considering thats a portion of the customer base who don’t agree with this at all. It would be like running a poll to see what picture you would prefer to hang in your house, option A which looks 90% similar to a painting or option B which is nothing. It’s not really a simple choice to make.

Kind of like the old, “do you want the mystery box or do you want nothing” approach, the mystery box could be a boat, but it could also be anthrax :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but my point is: of course you can’t. But vanilla v3.0 doesn’t match vanilla v2.3. Chocolate v3.0 doesn’t match chocolate v2.3. I’d say they’re about 85-90% similar. :wink:

I’ve changed my mind about your poll being weird though. I think people who expect a 100% taste match and won’t settle for anything else are people with unrealistic expectations, but of course it’s useful for you to find how many of your customers feel that way.

I reeeeaaaally hope it’s a boat!


@JewyB I disagree, this is not a new flavour, original has a very loyal base of customers who said please don’t delist original so we have tried to match it but we can’t exactly. We can’t give all original customers free samples so the question is very logical. If you are a loyal customer of original could you accept a new version which isn’t the same, but close, or not.

We have seven other pre-blended flavours, plus flavour boosts.