Where is Original?

Hello. It’s been several months since I bought Huel but I’m using it again now (I need to shed a few lockdown pounds and it makes calorie counting easy). I still have a small supply to use up.
Looks like a lot has changed. Had Original been dropped now? I did a search but obviously not very well…

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Original went from regular sale in December last year upon the launch of v3. As of yet no sign of a replacement for it - I used Original for a year but after it was dropped I use a blend of UU and Vanilla instead now.


expansion of new flavours predicted

The last item on that screen grab isn’t Original!

It’s not? Ok then.

Thanks @Phil_C. I quite liked it but I’m also a Vanilla and (controversially) Mint Chocolate fan.

It says Unflavoured/Unsweetened. That’s a different product, unless I’m even more confused than before.

No, it’s me. Sorry :neutral_face:

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I love Mint Chocolate! Is it not very popular, I think it’s delicious. Are we in the minority?

It seems to divide opinion!

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@Huella_Deville, the formula for all flavours changed quite significantly with version 3. Apparently the Huel flavour wizards were able to recreate the magic of all flavours apart from Original. For some reason they haven’t been able to do it yet, but if they ever find the right recipe, then potentially it’ll make a comeback

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Same here ! Love it

What’s not to like right?!
Also, welcome to the forum @Saz

It was being worked on, but no news yet.