Original Huel will still be available?

What happens if they spike Original, @Coup? Are there any other flavours that you like? Will you have to go back to pasties and Lion Bars?


Egg and chips three times a day and a Gregg’s sausage roll for elevenses for @coup now


Back on the smack.

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I ordered another 8 bags after the sh!t all hit the fan so I’ve got about 6 months’ worth of original in my kitchen now so I can weather any storm Huel may throw at me.

If it is elbowed I’ll try buying U/U some pure sucralose from Bulk powders and hopefully find some vanilla flavour I can squirt in. I have tried all of the other premixes and to be honest I’m not a massive fan of them. I put raw cacao in nearly all my Huel’s so having a premix flavour as a base doesn’t really work as the premixes have their own flavour.

UU plus cacao is The One anyway.
The Huel of all Huels.
I reckon UU plus sucralose is gonna taste fairly similar to Original. It’s certainly worth a shot.

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Damn, I tried the new vanilla and it tastes like sugar free Werthers Originals… absolutely rank. Maybe OK for the first couple of tries, a nice novelty but then quickly becomes sickly and disgusting - not something you look forward to every day.

Why are they trying to make this taste like a pudding or a treat??

The Original Huel was excellent for breakfast (the only meal I use it for) I guess this is for the American market where everything is nasty sweet, including milk and bread.

With the price hike and original being killed off guess it is time to look for a replacement, I had this for breakfast every day for a year… disappointing.

@alvin although I’m in the minority (apparently), I agree with you on the taste of new vanilla.
Have you tried unflavoured unsweetened though? That’s what I have personally.
If you like it sweet, you could add sucralose which is fairly cheap to buy, and maybe a flavour boost of your choice.
Personally UU plus cacao is perfect for me, but I also like the favour boosts (altho the new boosts need some sweetness to bring out the flavour in UU)

there’s no word on that yet and the question has been asked. It may be in limbo pending the decision on changing the formulation of v3. I’m awaiting a delivery of Black version vanilla as the feedback so far has been its less sweet than standard so if thats the case - I might switch to that full time.

They still have UU on V3, but not Original flavour?? Hmmm. Says it all, doesn’t it - I doubt they will bring it back, they just wanted to get rid of it for simplicity reasons I think.

I use Huel for quickness so I am not going to go down the route of adding boost packs (and being fleeced of even more money)

There are much cheaper rivals out there now, I don’t need stupid stuff like kelp and prebiotics… just something that fills a hole for breakfast and doesn’t taste disgusting.

They should bring Original back as simply “Original” (and not mention “vanilla” at all).

I couldn’t stomach new Vanilla on a regular basis. It doesn’t taste oaty or natural, but disgusting and processed. I’m sure “feedback” says it tastes better after them tasting it once, but it is not sustainable and it quickly becomes nasty.

Toast and marmalade will fill a hole but isn’t very balanced.
I believe Huel are working on a V3.0 Original. Just need to get the taste right.

Toast and marmalade lasts about an hour before you are starving again, Huel lasted me 5 hours.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the taste or texture at all. This is where they will fall down. No one buys Huel or meal replacements for the taste, it is functional.

The more you try to hide the natural taste (in attempt to try make it mainstream I presume) the more foul and unnatural it becomes.

Anyway I’ve just ordered from another company, was cheaper and the nutrition still seems good. No kelp or other fancy stuff but here’s hoping.

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So eat the unflavoured one then?

Aha ! I was also going to suggest toast!

Prior to Huel, i simply had porridge oats with nuts, flaxseed and pea protein added. It fulfilled its purpose as breakfast. Functional, cheap, kept me full, super healthy.
If Huel ever stopped making the flavour I like (UU) I would just go back to my porridge.
I would be a bit sad though

If Huel stopped making granola I would probably go back to porridge with fruit.

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Version 2.3 uses artificial flavourings, in v3.0 we have removed these, but we weren’t able to match the flavour of Original. Currently v2.3 Original (and others) are available on our outlet so you can still enjoy them. They are temporary, therefore you cannot subscribe because it would lead to unnecessary customer experience problems when a sub tried to get fulfilled when it was out of stock.

v3.0 Original is being worked on but we’re not there yet matching the flavour.


Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the first flavour of powder which laid the foundations for Huel’s success is now the most awkward flavour for you to work with :rofl:

if it were easier to produce a v3 Gingerbread premix instead - I’d be absolutely fine with that :smiley:

Blockquote v3.0 Original is being worked on

Fingers crossed! I didn’t know this was in the works.

I’ve been 100% Huel, 3 meals a day, for about 2 years now and Original is the only flavour I can hack long term (New & Improved is vile, and while some of the others are okay I find it hard to stick with them).

Right now I have enough Original to last a month, and have been planning on a transition to a whole foods plant based diet. Maybe if v3 Original lands, my Huel days won’t be over after all…

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@Tony.M have you actually tried any V3 flavours? You may or may not prefer them to V2.3.
I have only tried Chocolate and Mint Chocolate V3 so far as they was my favourite v2.3 flavours. I think V3 Chocolate is nicer than v2.3 chocolate but I am not liking v3 mint chocolate so I will work my way through all the V3 flavours before righting them off.

Hi All, I need your opinion on a new original flavour we have created, see thread and poll here…