Outsourcing my eating habits to Huel while quitting smoking

Hello all, I have started using Huel today and I am very excited by the prospect of being fully in control of my calorie intake - or rather having it being taken care of by Huel.

I am a compulsive eater, serially on diets, having bounced between 88kg and 118kg for twelve years now (I’m 1.93m, though). I’m not using compulsive lightly here. I do believe I might be sporting an impressive undiagnosed eating disorder. To give you a little taste of what I mean: I could be found eating a daily 1600 calories daily during the week and then consume 21 blocks of baklava and a slab of chocolate on a single Saturday afternoon.

I also quit smoking 6 weeks ago and gained 8 kilos in the process. So, when I saw Huel advertised on Facebook as being nutritionally complete, I threw my credit card at the screen trying to get the first batch at my doorstep sooner.

This is my attempt at regulating my 1) intake and my 2) cravings for sugar, leaving nothing to chance while I’m adjusting to not smoking. So, to that extent, I’m going 100% huel 7 days a week for an indefinite period.

I’ve worked out that I need 2500 calories to maintain my weight, 2000 to lose 0.5kg a week, or 1500 to lose 1kg a week. So, I’ve opted for 1600 daily calories, or 4 x 100g huel a day.

I’m yet to work out whether I’m attracted to the idea of Huel because 1) I’d put myself forward for space colonisation and like the idea of space food, 2) or it suits my compulsive nature and I love subjecting myself to strange eating experiments, or 3) I’m desperate to be normal and think Huel might do it for me.

So far so good. Thanks for reading my post.


Hi and welcome to the forum and to Huel.

There does seem that there may be some compulsive easting issues. You’ll need to give Huel a few days before the cravings subside. Maybe do 2 x Huel per day + food for a week - break yourself in gently?

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Hi James, thanks for the response. I think mixing things up, i.e. some huel and some food, is exactly what I’ll have trouble with. I’d rather go full on with 100% huel first and perhaps later introduce some meals again. Today was successful with 400g in total and nothing else except a good couple of double expressos - I’ll keep you posted!

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Yes, please keep us updated, you sound a little bit like me with your ‘one or the other’ approach. I have been doing half and half and I keep eating too much food…better for me to try 100% huel I think :yum:


OK, great - keep us posted.

Very well @treebond, I will do! And likewise, keep us posted with your progress too. I’m on day 2 now. The 1600 calories a day is perhaps a bit ambitious. I was really hungry during the evening yesterday. I’ll be having my last at 6pm today and then only at 9am again, which means a 15 hour stretch. This is probably unsustainable in the longer term, but I’m keen to give my bad habits a sufficient shock.

I am very proud of myself…I have done an intro week of Huel for breakfast while cutting down a bit for the rest of the day and I’m now on day 2 of bfast and lunch on Huel and sticking to 1650 calories. Its easyish as I havent been hungry as such but its strange that I am not eating all the time - like I was before starting Huel. I am so glad it takes away the hungry feeling.

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