Oxalate level of huel?



I don’t suppose anyone could tell me the oxalate level per scoop of huel? Or if not, the brown rice protein content?



Oh God not the oxalate debate…


What about oxalate and cyanide together?


Ooohh… don’t even go there!

You’ll say the iron content is too high next! :wink:

*Edit. Don’t forgot about the arsenic traces…


Shouldn’t this be in the flavour suggestions thread? Very bitter almonds would perhaps please those complaining of nauseating sweetness levels. Huel should try it. I bet the complaints would fall right off.


No clue at all, maybe drop customer services a quick email :slight_smile:


We’ve not had the oxalic acid level of Huel measured. We have had customers understandably concerned about antinutrients before, so I wrote this article.

is it the antinutrient aspects of oxalic acid you were concerned about, or another reason?


Thanks for your reply James. The reason I ask is that I have fibromyalgia, and I have recently come across the idea of a low oxalate diet possibly providing relief from this condition, so I’m wanting to give it a try, but I don’t really want to give up my huel! And despite a couple of the main ingredients being high oxalate, if the quantity per scoop is not too high, the overall oxalate level could potentially not be all that high. (the aim being to keep total Oxalates per day below 100.)

If I could get an idea of how much oats & brown rice protein is in each scoop, then I could calculate an estimated oxalate level. (although I’d have to base it on brown rice, as rice protein has not been tested so doesn’t have a value.) I know this would in no way be accurate, but then I could personally get a rough idea.

I’m sure there are other things in the formula which could be high oxalate, but in small quantities, so hopefully would not add too much to the total level.



Hi @Alisino - I don’t know about the links of oxalates and fibromyalgia, but do be careful of pseudoscience. I do understand you’ll explore every possibility to feel better :slight_smile:

I’m going to see if we can get oxalates tested in Huel - if we can, I’ll organise the test; but I might not be able to report back until 2-3 weeks.

The problem with estimating something like oxalates in brown rice protein, is the data would be unreliable.


That would be great, thank you - I’ll look forward to hearing back then.

I am a sceptical person, so I do certainly approach these kind of things with caution, but I am willing to carefully try such changes just in case they help!

Thanks again.


Hi @Alisino - I’ve looked into this.

It’s not possible for us to check the level of oxalates in Huel because there isn’t any.

Indeed, brown rice protein (and brown rice) have extremely low (if any) levels of oxalates. Reading a bit more since your post, I’m very sceptical of the advice you’ve received.

If you are concerned about oxalates, then Huel is fine.