Personal Health and Weight Loss Journal Thread

This is my third Huel experience. I lost approximately 40lbs (calculated from my start weight and my lowest) during approximately 12 months in the UK and later in the US. I wasn’t able to remain totally consistent, but I noticed a real improvement in my weight and energy level during that time. I stopped using Huel when I moved to Taiwan (unavailable), which is unfortunate because I still needed to lose another 95lbs to reach a “normal BMI” of 24.

Fast forward 2 years, after some persistent and worrying health issues this summer I was advised to take some specific supplements. I felt better, but went searching for a complete nutritional solution. When I moved to Taiwan, it wasn’t available for shipment here. On a whim, I checked again.

It is now available in 80+ countries!

My goal is to reach a <25 BMI by March 31, 2020 (6 months). It is a stretch, but I think it is possible due to my living circumstances (hot climate, no personal vehicle, gym access).

I plan to start with one Huel meal each morning (3 scoops) for the first week, per their advice and my past experiences when building up my own intake.

First box (2 bags) arrived last week and I began on October 5 (Saturday).

10/5 39.2

All questions and comments welcomed. Ask me anything.


What flavours did you pick for your first two bags? Guessing there’s more to choose from now?

I have to admit, the order was a blur. I was really shocked to see it was available. Couldn’t type quickly enough!

I got a bag of the banana and a bag of the vanilla. Started with the banana. Pretty mild, which is how I prefer it. :slight_smile:

Thinking back to my first order, I think the selection was all vanilla/neutral + additional flavor packs (with very limited availability). I think they were talking about or beginning to roll out the 2.0 formula too. Packaging and bottles look identical, tho! Funny to see that bottle on my counter again.

Take care, Colin.

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