Personal trainer James smith talk about Huel

There is a UK Online PT who i follow called james smith. I like the way he makes fitness and diet information simple. Not a fan about how he talkes about Huel and huelers

Its at the 13 minute mark.

The guys a c**t himself lol, who’s his fan base, under 15’s. I haven’t got a problem with swearing I do myself sometimes but it doesn’t look good from a so called online PT swearing all the time. He likes the attention he gets obviously.
He obviously doesn’t get the Huel thing being a quick convenient healthy option and doesn’t want to by the sound of it. Each to there own though, but I think if you took your kid to a barbecue you would let them have a treat burger.

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Only if he could beat me to it :rofl::joy:

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I had to watch and all I could think was wtf?? Firstly his example made no sense, because if you’re at a barbecue you would eat, and if you were adamant about your family and you only having Huel you wouldn’t go in the first place. Equating Huel with not having a social life is also ridiculous. In summary: he basically seems like a bit of an idiot to me.


If you watch a few more of his videos you will see that he knows his stuff. He does swear a lot, that’s just him but what he does that I like is call-out a lot of awful advice being peddled by influencers out there. on social media - fab diets, slimming teas, etc.etc.
I don’t agree with him about Huel, I use it for different purposes than he talks about and its been life changing for me.
He’s a good guy though, just a bit Marmite.


The influencers with all the slimming teas are just… those ads drive me crazy if they pop-up in my media feeds. Got to be honest I hadn’t heard of him until today, I’m only judging his Huel advice; his examples seem extreme. Though I’m intrigued now if there is anyone who wouldn’t go out to eat simply because they only have Huel (all the time, not those who do the intermittent 100% weeks).

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Best on the end of a knife.


@hunzas one of your sharper jokes, I laughed :rofl:


I get where he’s coming from, based on the assumption that you’ll rigidly do 100% Huel and refuse to ever go out to eat with friends occasionally, but I guess he just didn’t get the memo that that’s not what Huel themselves promote.

Based on his logic, we should never eat smoothies or balanced meals “if everyone else is eating junk food and burgers, you’re just going to look like a massive c**t!”


Maybe we should have a signed agreement on here, all Huelers should take a shaker full of Huel to barbecues and not eat burgers. And maybe some marmite for fun.


What a plonker!


Oh thank you Bee :joy::joy:

Not you, you plonker! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


He is way to black and white.

Well… The example that he uses is extreme, if you go to barbecue the main idea is to eat normal food… Even if you are on 100% huel its a nonsense bring the Huel and not to eat with them.

Its basically disrespect

Yea, I think this is actually one of the reasons that Huel (and other brands probably)
recommend not to go 100%, the social aspects of life.

I also see it as marketing, being his reaction will give reaction from his followers meaning more traffic aka money for his program. Huel is not going to replace a BBQ party. It’s just healthy convenient food.

God, amazing how he can put out such quality in his recorded videos then drop straight back to playing up the crowd in live streams.

Definitely playing up to the camera and hoping for reaction, almost trying to pull off some clever Gervais/Pilkington type scenario description but there’s no humour to be found.

Disappointed in him for sure.

Edit: Hmm, I’m on the fence about it now after rewatching and catching his intention a bit better. He’s always fought the likes of Herbalife, adamantly insisting it’s not a health sustaining product and is a cancer in the nutrition field. If he suddenly sees an advert for another meal replacement without looking into it, to him (and most other people) it’s just another Herbalife.

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@GTIPuG I was actually gonna tag you bc I know how much you love him :joy:

Yeah he probably sees it in the same realm of Herbalife, slimfast, fad diets etc. I guess he just didn’t bother to do the research for this one since it was a live stream and not a specific video about it…


I didn’t watch the video cos thanks to all the comments, I’m just not interested in watching shite :crazy_face:

But in relation to all the comments about going to a BBQ and taking your Huel… I disagree. I would happily do this. I am caeliac and also have other allergies. BBQs are a nightmare for me.
I can’t eat processed meat due to the sulphites and wheat and I prefer a vegetarian diet anyway. The veg options almost always involves soya or wheat or dairy or all three.
Most people don’t have separate grills, so everything is contaminated with everything else. Even the salads have croutons in them and the bread roll crumbs get everywhere.
Basically, if I eat at a bbq I get really ill so I have to either take my own food or not go.
I love the social aspect - sunshine, outdoors, friends, booze - what’s not to like.
With Huel I feel like I could actually go along and participate in the chat and the drinking and not be a pain in the ass by being the person that causes the host stress by needing something different.
If I take my own food in a lunchbox I am very obviously boycotting their food and that looks rude.
But if I take Huel in a bottle it just looks like a milkshake and I can then happily dine out on crisps and cider to my hearts content and not feel left out or hungry