Pheed vs Huel

They have drawn up a comparison here

Will Huel get these extra ingredients that Pheed has in the YES column?

That website looks like a scam; don’t buy

I am also interested in this. Presumably the Huel developers have already been aware of those extra ingredients and have some reason as to why they didn’t consider them necessary?

Superfood inclusion I find alluring (I used to live off smoothies containing many superfoods) but I’m also aware that the scientifically proven benefits of superfoods come from their nutritional profile, which Huel already has covered just from different sources. That isn’t to say that I don’t like the idea of paying a little extra to consume superfoods which allegedly (call it pseudoscience/observation of other cultures usage etc) carry further health benefits more abstract to measure

The inclusion of extra antioxidants, particularly Green Tea (which contains L-Theanine, a sort of nootropic which can bring about a state of calm alertness) is very interesting, as is the inclusion of probiotics and garlic. I used to always use organic probiotic yoghurt in my smoothies before Huel from what I understood of the health benefits in doing so, but as far as I’m aware this is not present in Huel?

Finally, i am not interested in losing weight - which means it’d make it difficult to get my head around purchasing and frequently using a product with ‘fat loss’ as a tagline. I don’t particularly want to consume more protein than what is already in Huel; I exercise regularly for health and wellbeing but am not interested in gaining muscle mass or losing weight.

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it is definitely quite suspect. Particularly because there appears to be no trace of the brand or product anywhere else on the web, unless I’m mistaken

Carnitine, Q10, digestive enzymes (to help with the huel gas! would be nice as well as more protein and less carbs. Can’t say where Pheed get there ingredients from and how bioavailable there are. Looks like a startup.

Over double the price though, for something which is basically Huel with supplements thrown in.

I Disagree which it’s wise consuming a product with a one size fits all approach towards things like NAC, GSE, Carnitine etc, not smart, by all means they are great supplements but the amount each person needs is individual and not something which can be gauged by calorie intake alone in such a product.

Huel @ £148.50 = 56,000 calories
Pheed @ £149.50 = 19,150 calories.

Need I say more?


I agree all awesome supplements, however not everyone needs them, so for some it would then make huel a waste…

Stick to consuming said supplements separately, it’s far better that way, and the dose can be adjusted properly.

Funnily enough I just bought/tried Carnitine (lclt) today.

One word put me off: “superfood”. Generally, the word belongs with pills to increase your breast and/or willy size and other such nonsense. That or “how do we shift this load of *****?”

And while I’m not vegan (I failed the bit about posting abattoir films to facebook), I do appreciate the fact that Huel is vegan.


How much! Crikey.

Although I haven’t extensively reviewed the research surrounding these nutrients, I know that James keeps himself at the forefront of nutrition and when he believes there is a sufficient scientific body of research surrounding a certain nutrient we look at including it in Huel. In July 2016 we released v2.0 of Huel Powder, which is a great example of this as we added lycopene range of benefits including slowing the ageing process, reduce cardiovascular disease risk and reduce the risk of some cancers. . I’m confident that if James believed these nutrients were significantly necessary then they would be in Huel.


Those ingredients are supplements and Huel isn’t a supplement. Also, what are these so-called ‘superfoods’ that I keep hearing?


Which ones are you interested in? The ones that increase your breast or your willy…@taliesin can probably help you :stuck_out_tongue:


well the inclusion of garlic would write it off for me and anyone with FODMAP issues, so quite glad Huel continues close to the standard requirements for nutritional intake.

As stated by James, huel isn’t intended as a supplement, if you want to mess about with a bunch of pseudo/bro-science or even legitimate peer reviewed beneficial ingredients, which are not required as part of a daily diet, that might not work for every person, then that is something best suited for the individual on an individual basis.


Maybe their first batch was buying huel (or MPs weird tasting one), thinning it out a bit with whey and egg, then running to Holland and Barretts and buying a load of random supplements, packaging them up and selling at a markup :joy:

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Looks like it! :joy: