Phytonutrient mix added to Huel - problems?

I am thinking of adding this phytonutrient mix to Huel U/U 2.1

Does anyone see anything I should be concerned about or anything that would interact badly with Huel?

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It looks generally like a bunch of carotenoids, a few spices, fruit extracts and green tea.

I’d be astonished if there was anything harmful in there, still less anything that could cause issues with Huel (I very much doubt anything would interact with Huel to form anything harmful unless it was already harmful in itself). I expect there are many people on here who regularly put tea, spices or fruit in their Huel.

As it says on the product page, if you have any problems with pineapple or any of the other fruits the extracts come from, then you might want to steer clear.

I was thinking more along the lines of the phytonutrient mix preventing some of the stuff in Huel from being absorbed into the body and thus decreasing the nutritional value of Huel.

Ah, fair enough. I always wonder about how well all the stuff in Huel is absorbed. People seem to do pretty well on Huel alone for significant amounts of time. I’d be interested to know whether there is any detailed blood work supporting take up of nutrients…

Don’t forget that Huel has phytonutrient already.