Plant-based milks on the rise

First off I will say that tap water is completely safe to drink and it is more regulated then bottled water for cleanliness and safety but here’s a couple of things that most people don’t know. I will also say that everything I know comes from when I’ve worked with Northumbria water in the past.

During the summer, in the UK at least, the taste of your water will change as most of our water comes from open toped reservoirs meaning that the amount microbial life in the water goes up and the amount of animals using it as their water source increases. This means water often needs to be cleaned more but the microbial impact still reaches your tap.

One of biggest problems with clean water in the uk atleast is encroachment from ground water between pumping stations and end point e.g. houses. For this reason it is very important to tell your supplier of any changes in colour or grit from your taps. This encroachment can lead to high levels of toxins in the water.

For those of you in the EU, a lot of the water you drink comes from major rivers which go through other countries. This mean that water used for drinking often needs to be cleaned more then we do in the UK as cleaned sewage has been pumped in to the rivers prior.

One final thing anyone who kayaks should know is, after heavy rain ground water and sewage overflow is often diverted in to rivers in order to prevent damage. It’s best not to go swimming the day after heavy rain.

Edit: Also in the UK our water company’s meet quality standard over 99% of the time. If you want to know more about quality, safety standards and what the UK has tolerance for, have a look here:,5&sciodt=0,5


Thanks, very interesting

Do you know anything about the quality of the water in spain?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about Spain. My focus has been mainly UK only.

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I think that by swapping away from cows milk that is a massive step in the right direction, so working out which plant milk is best is just perfecting it!

We did a video on this last year, check it out.


Rice and Cashew are amongst my favourites but I haven’t found a single one that’s nice in a ‘teabag’ cup of tea.

I went through a period of trying every plant-milk in my coffee to work out which ‘performed’ the best! I found Soy to taste the best in my coffee (at least the most similar to the cow’s milk it was replacing) but it split. Nut and coconut milks didn’t split and tasted good, but naturally tasted like the nut or coconut - which I didn’t want in my coffee! Oat milk didn’t split, but sometimes does sink to the bottom of the coffee (not so much of a problem and Minor Figures doesn’t seem to) and tastes pretty good.

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Oatly barista in a coffee is pure perfection in my opinion (thanks @hunzas for that tip!)

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Got to be Oatly for coffee but deffo not for teabag tea :confounded::weary: *shudder

Milk in tea!?!?! Egad!

YES! milk in black tea, couldn’t put it in coffee though.

Also do you know the website link on your profile is dead?

I didn’t, thanks for the pointer. Changed the URL to a while back.

Never convince me on milk in black tea though, or sugar. PG tips maybe, but that’s not really tea.

Awsome, but PG tips is just the standard. It’s the tea equivalent of buying Gordons because Bombay Sapphire is to expensive and you don’t want the supermarkets own brand. Because last time you did that you made out with your ex in front of your GF and didn’t understand why you all couldn’t get along… :thinking:

But more importently tea is to bitter without some sugar.


Darn toot - talking teabag tea like I say.

Everything else (real tea) nope - even have different cups for different teas (posh me like).

do you stick up your pinkie when you drink it?

Doesn’t your pinky automatically extend when you drink. I thought it was normal :confused:

Definitely read that wrong at least twice.

My pinkie is so kinky it sticks up regardless (not quite so bad as Clinodactyly but you get the idea)

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Try Koko coconut milk. Not an intense flavour and behaves just like normal milk in hot drinks

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Shut the front door.

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Apparently BoS can help with acid reflux too.