Plant based milks to try --->

£2 in sanesburys’

this is so amazeful

try it with huel

whats ppl drinking Plant Based Milk wise ?

Usually Alpro Unsweetened Almond - it’s much cheaper than Innocent and uses Mediterranean almond sources so you don’t have to feel guilty about Californian droughts. They also do Hazelnut amongst many other plant based milk offerings.


I prefer oat milk to any of the other alternatives. Minor Figures is the only plant ‘milk’ I can drink cold, add to tea etc and also texture for coffee.

I prefer Huel with water though.


Plenish is a good one too

Alpro uses more additives

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true - but i’m already paying a minimum of 100% extra on imported foods on the shelf so I let that slide :slight_smile:

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let it slide brother @Phil_C

not heard of Minor Figures…

wheres that sold?



Oatly Barista - seems to be the only one you can put in hot drinks without it separating.


No there are plenty more now. Minor Figures mentioned above, sproud barista, alpro barista, glebe farm barista, mighty pea barista, rude health barista


Haven’t touched innocent since coke bought them. Their business practises are too problematic.

I tend to stick with water, but Oatly barista if not.


They’re a really awesome company too (I promise I don’t work for them haha!) I used to work in coffee and I believe we were actually the first people to use MF oat milk. The flavour and texture are way ahead of Oatly. If you want to try it a lot of coffee shops in London will sell you a carton (not sure about outside London though).

Their chai concentrate is really good too actually - I hadn’t thought about mixing that with Huel but might give that a try.


At Huel HQ I think we still buy Minor Figures, we did a blind taste test on our coffee machine and think the team preferred in lattes etc to Oatly!

Also, shameless plug, but we’ve got a bangin’ article about plant milk in Huel here!


I’ve been drinking plant milks exclusively for decades, and I prefer Oatly Barista to MF. A recent one I have started to enjoy is Sproud pea milk, that’s really nice in coffee as well.

A new one popped up on my feed a couple days back - Wunda, I was gonna try a sample carton but in the small print saw it was Nestle, and I refuse to buy Nestle as well as Coke as mentioned by @Tristan above.

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After reading all of this – I had a scout around – there are really no locally produced plant milk producers here, so everything we get is UHT – its seems the best of this bunch is an Australian brand called MilkLab - not bad priced but it’s one of the Freedom Food Groups brands – I’ve tried there other brands – Almond Breeze and Australia’s Own – both were pretty gross, so will have to see if third times the charm.

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I’ve also been plant based for a long time too! :muscle:t2: I guess the Oatly vs Minor Figures ultimately comes down to personal preference as they’re very similar.

This morning was the first time in a while I was in the plant milk aisle of a supermarket actually and I was really struck by how many there are now! Pea definitely sounds interesting :thinking:


I agree it is down to preference. I remember the days when there were just a couple of different soya milks and no other commercial plant based milks, and one of the tasted of cardboard flavoured sand.

Mighty pea is one that you can by in Sainsbury’s. The unsweetened one is OK, but the sweetened one in my opinion is oversewed and has a strange aftertaste. Didn’t like it at all.

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I’m 39, but there’s still no way I could ever offer someone a coffee with pea milk whilst keeping a straight face.

Minefield isn’t it. The big players seem to own bits of everything.


Yes, would you like soya milk in your coffee or pea?

I’ll stick with soya milk please.


I had no idea there were so many alternative milks available!! I’ve never tried pea milk before. I just found Qwrkee online, has anyone tried that?

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nup not heard that one Pip.

i am currently in love with innocent hazelnut