Sproud cough cough *ripoff*

Wow. This popped up in my FB feed: https://www.sproud.co.uk/the-brand

The branding and proposition is so like Huel, I had to got check if it’s from the same company!

Aside from their lack of marketing budget to come up with their own design, anyone tried it?

It’s nothing like Huel at all.
It’s simply a plant-milk similar to many others.
Lots of vegan milk substitutes use various plants as a base: Coconut, Oat, Soya, Hemp, Almond. This one simply uses pea protein and oat as well as the usual water and oil.

As for the black and white packaging / branding - it doesn’t look that similar in my opinion. Loads of brands use a combination of black and white as their brand colours.
I like the stripes :grin:

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Yep, new brand of plant milk. Reckon I’ll stick with Alpro or Oatly for now though.

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Nah. they look/are nothing alike.

Sproud should stand out a bit on shelves but that design doesn’t really scream health.

Have you seen how many places stock them? Doesn’t look like they’re short a marketing budget.

Oatly in huel is so so so good!

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There is a lot of pea milk around now. It’s this year’s big thing. A tad expensive.

I was a bit disconcerted when I went to the cafe and the waiter said “would you like oat milk in your coffee, or pea?”

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To pea or not to pea? That is the question.

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That’s another Shakesphere quote…

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I’m not sproud

I like my sprouts