Qwrkee Pea M’lk

Has anyone tried this stuff yet? Kind of intrigued about it and they are making some bold claims:

  • The most complete alternative to dairy milk.
  • Made from the purest pea protein.
  • Developed to match all the nutritional benefits of dairy.
  • It has one of the lowest environmental footprints compared to other plant based diary alternatives.
  • Water Footprint (60% less than Diary, 35% less than Almond, 20% less than Soy)
  • Carbon Footprint (90% Less than Diary, 50% Less than Soy, 35% less than Almond)

Not even sure if its available retail yet as they offer subscription delivery services

I wouldn’t mind trying it but would like some feedback before hand as it would cost me 75 quid to get a 4 pack of each shipped here - which is a bit steep if its rank.

At that price I’m not sure I would bother personally…
Have you tried making your own pea protein milk using Pulsin pea protein powder?
Personally I like it. But I’m in the massive minority. Most people think it’s disgusting.

its not that price in the UK Christina - its just the heavy shipping and import costs. thats about what any of the plant based milks cost in the supermarkets here but none stock any brands of pea milk.

Surely shipping it all that way cancels out the beneficial carbon footprint though?

And then it’s just a case of taste and nutrition.
I notice they haven’t compared it to oat milk which is interesting, as that’s the ‘best’ plant milk in my opinion (for taste, nutrition and environmental impact), with hemp coming a close second (although not on taste).

If I see any about in the UK I’ll give it a try, but I’m not sure my taste buds will help you much. Like I said, I really like the taste of pea protein but most people don’t…

such is the retail reality of living in Malaysia - virtually every food type is imported from somewhere or other. Most of the land that you would expect to be used for agriculture is given over to palm oil production. All the plant milks here are either from the US or Australia.

Can be purchased on Amazon. Won’t be trying it myself, way too expensive!

yeah - Amazon won’t ship food or drink goods outside of UK territories so if I wanted to get it I would need to use one of these 3rd party grocery delivery services.

I haven’t tried that brand but I have tried 2 other brands of pea milk. I like them, they are on a par with oat milk in taste and creaminess, and a similar nutritional profile to oat as well; I slightly prefer oat milk to pea in taste…but its only a marginal difference. Barista pea milk does work well in coffee and remains frothy for little longer than patly too.

Can vegans drink breast milk?

If it’s from a human who said it’s fine, yes.

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yeah I kind of forget how cheap the uk stores are - for me to bring it here would be around 8 quid a carton so almost 4 times the cost of the UK for the same thing and 6 times the cost of a carton of oat or almond milk. Sadly though - this is the ‘normal’ cost I have to pay in supermarkets here for anything remotely safe or healthy to eat.

It’s the only mammal milk humans should drink.

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I thought of an exception that is definitely ethically fine, but despite being 100% totally fine and cool it’s too grim to post.

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