Another newbie

Well, after an initial foray into the world of Huel with the ready-to-drink bottles, I decided to try the powder version and, well, I am seriously impressed after just one meal’s worth!

The Coffee version (although it could be a bit stronger, I guess I could supplement it with my own) is lovely and has a better consistency (for me, at least) than the RTD bottled version.

I lost 6lbs in 10 days by substituting Huel for breakfast and am aiming for a lot more off the old waistline over the coming months!

Happy days!


Good luck with your journey…sounds like you’ve made a great start.

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You are scaring everyone with that avatar.



I’m sure it’s a vegan knife :grin:
Watch out if you’re a vegetable! Couch potato?


@Sheepy1250 That’s nice! Spread the Huel word to everyone and hope that you will continue to update your “diary” here!

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Bu@@er, that’s me in trouble then!

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Don’t worry, I’m a vegan…I don’t chop up sheep.