Started today

Just started using the Huel today! The taste is something else but you can so much with it to improve it so I don’t mind. I’m hoping this we’ll help alot with fat loss!


Welcome :smiley: and good luck

Thanks Penthesila! Just fed up with eating crap food! Just wanted something I can chuck in quick but with all the nutritional benefits in one.

This is it. Huel’s like coffee in that not everyone likes it the same, so when you drink a black coffee and potentially hate it it doesn’t mean you hate all coffee!

What have you mixed up so far?

I like my Huel like I like my women…in a blender

Thought you were vegan?? Or is your woman made out of straw?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nothing as of yet just the vanilla on its own I’ll get use to first, then I’m going to start adding in my fruits for breakfast for the extra energy for the day, then my lunch I’ll just drink it by its self.

I’m gonna trial it out for dinner times as well for 7days see how I get on.

As for the black coffee I’m the same I hate it but I know good it is, so I just stomach it to get it over and done with :rofl:.

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I really, really don’t want this to be the same with Huel! What I meant was that you might not like black coffee, but you might like some milk in your coffee, or some vanilla, you might like to froth the milk, you might like espresso more than filter coffee.

The same goes with Huel! Add some flavouring, some spices, use milk instead of water, blend it, chill it etc. etc.

I’ve already got use to the taste after my second serving, first one was a tad lumpy so I just added bit more water and it’s great! I can’t fault in anyway.