POLL: Pre-bottled Huel, Yes or No?

Do you think Huel should make a pre-bottled version like Soylent have?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

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Bars have this angle covered imo


No (this forum doesn’t permit 2 word answers so here’s some more text)

A thought which has just occurred to me: Huel on tap. No need for extra packaging, if anything it can be shipped to the cafe in a larger bag, mix with water onsite and sell in pint glasses. Easier for the consumer as it’s just grab and go.
Only question, will it be as popular as beer in the outer world? I mean, internet retail allows one to target the few enlightened ones around the world :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what I’d put. On the fence maybe.

I can’t imagine how much bottled Huel would cost to be profitable, but I’m pretty sure it would be out of my price range. Plus, does the world really need yet more cans or bottles to recycle/rust in beauty spots? (I used to live near Snowdonia and you could tell the month by the litter!)


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I’ve been dabbling a little bit and I have to say, whilst huel definitely remains my favourite lent (by far) the convenience is just superb with 1) pre-bottled powders ready to mix and 2) actual ready to drink bottled lents.

I know there’s more waste, but honestly, I’d be really happy if huel explored the idea.

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I think this is a good idea. It would definitely be more expensive than the powdered form, but it would suit those of us who are looking for something even more convenient than Huel.

It does clash with the Huel aim of reducing the impact of food on the environment however.


I must admit I used to think this would be a sensible move for Huel, in terms of reaching a wider market. Ultimately I think a powder that you mix yourself is always going to be somewhat niche. But now that we have the bars I don’t really see a need for a pre-bottled product as these provide a “ready to go” solution and also, being a solid food, are probably an easier sell to joe public.

“Very much so.”
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It’s interesting to see @JamesCollier has voted Yes.

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Same answer as with Huel in individual sachets, that it defeats one of the main strengths of Huel, i.e. the lack of waste and impact on the environment. Just to save someone about 20 seconds.


True but it’s a little more complicated. Enviro savings mean nothing if the product isn’t taken up by more people. If pre-bottled brings more people to Huel, Huel can then try to encourage them to switch to the better product. I think the two dudes in charge are best placed to devise a long term strategy. They don’t seem to be doing too badly so far :slight_smile:

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On the other hand, one of the main strengths of Huel is convenience. Pre-bottled Huel is more convenient.

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It’s marginally more convenient with a much bigger environmental impact. It’s the same as selling pre-mixed screen wash for your car. As a society we pay to transport basically water all over the country just because somebody can’t be arsed to mix it themselves when they have a tap in their house.


I’m a big fan of dehydrated H2O. I buy a pouch of it and add water when I get home. some people are too lazy to do that.