Huel Thoughts Blog - Your Ideas Please!

Hi everyone!

I’ve made a post on my blog about my experience with Huel so far, as well as what I think could be better.

Take a look here: :smile:

All comments/suggestions welcome!

Additionally, I’m going to be following up this blog post with another one in a few weeks where I’m going to try the flavours that will hopefully be out by then, different methods of making Huel, and comparing it to Joylent which one of my friends has.

Do you guys have any other ideas for things that I could try with Huel?
What are your favourite flavours?
What is your preferred method of preparing the shake?
Have you tried using it in cooking (pancakes/cookies etc.)?

I’d love to hear from you!


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@Sid_Neelson Welcome to the forum!

I just read your blog post and I think it’s excellent. I really like your style of writing. You kept me interested all the way through, even though I’m not new to the subject. It’s a very good, thorough article about Huel.

That blender looks great! That would be really convenient for someone wanting to quickly make up some Huel at the last minute and have it straight away.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how your Huel journey progresses…

Thanks @Marcus, I’m glad you liked it!

Since writing the blog my blender broke, so I actually have that exact one by Breville now. I’ll see if can make a Huel-oriented review of it soon.

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