Can you use Huel power to make porridge? Just as you would use traditional oats. Can you use milk and simply “cook” it on the hob.

Has anyone tried this?

You can but heat will destroy the vitamins.

Look at this: Heating Huel & Nutrients

As I read it you can heat Huel without much nutrient loss

And of course I know you can bake with Huel, so wouldn’t expect too much reduction in nutrients. I need to find a porridge recipe to get the quantity and consistency right

I’d suggest following the directions for Ready Brek (might be able to find them online) but substitute Huel for it - it’s a similar kind of super-fine consistency, so I’d have thought the powder to milk (or water) ratio would be about right. Possibly not, with it containing other ingredients, but worth a try

You can add Huel to oats and make porridge but my experience with using solely Huel has been a little gloopy. Using 50:50 with Huel and baking etc seems to work just fine!

There is a porrigde like recipie in this thread: Hot Huel. I havent tried it so I dont know of its any good though

Thanks. I’m gonna try it 50/50 Huel and Oats

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I tried it and it was very good. 50-50 with rolled oats. Huel gave the porridge more flavour and a smooth texture. The powder went a bit lumpy when first added to the milk but it cleared completely after a boil and simmer for 5 mins. I added some sweet strawberries and blueberries and it was yummy. Plus all the added nutritional from Huel. Perfect.

I tried (a couple of versions ago) and it turned to the consistency of glue!