Possible to get 2.2 in the US someday?

If I read correctly, it looks like the US only is able to get 1.0 right now. I’m really interested in using Huel, but unfortunately I cannot have folic acid and it looks like 1.0 has that but it has been changed in the more recent versions.

Will the US formula ever be updated or is it possible to get the European version delivered?

Thank you!

I’m pretty sure that the US 1.0 is the European 2.2, but I could be wrong.

That’s pretty much correct; there are some small differences to meet local regulations, but US 1.0 is more akin to UK 2.2 the it is to any previous version; and that numbering system isn’t going to change.

Oh and I believe in both the US version and the UK version above folic acid has been replaced with L-Methylfolate Calcium so you should be good to go. Best confirm with @JamesCollier I guess

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US v1.0 is different to the v1.0 we launched in the UK in June 2015.

The source of folate in US v1.0 is not folic acid, it is L-methylfolate calcium - same as current EU versions. If the folate source is your only issue, then the current US version will be fine for you: https://us.huel.com/pages/nutritional-information-and-ingredients#profile

There are similarities between the versions, but the sources are different. We are addressing some of these points, but the formulas are always likely to be different in some respects due to different ‘RDAs’ of certain nutrients.

Thanks for clarifying that! I was confused because the nutrition information for the US listed folic acid in parentheses. Is that just to illustrate the equivalence?

No, unfortunately, it’s a legal labeling requirement in the US!